20 Instagram home office desks you’ll want to recreate right now

Looking to declutter and snazz up your home office? Draw some inspiration from these stunning Instagrams

Mood board? Check.

Apple Mac? Check.

Artfully placed designer hand cream and casual peonies thrown in an old jam jar? Check.

Make your home office or working space more beautiful by drawing inspiration from some of the most beautiful home offices on Instagram and that best-selling novel is sure to follow…

We can’t help but think that it would be a little hard to work around all those fresh flowers (actually getting anything done after all the time spent arranging, watering, throwing away once dead and replacing would be hard). But we love the pretty-pink-chaos vibe of this desk space, especially those artfully-taped pantone cards that would double as great little to-do cards.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/HannahFGale

Blogger Hannah Gale brightens up her all-white everything desk space with some colourful blooms and some artsy framed prints.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/AriOfCourse

Small but perfectly formed, we love this retro minimalist desk and mustard bucket chair. As all from-home workers know, a cosy blanket is an absolute essential for when the heating goes off in the middle of the day – so if you can make it a chic chevron print one, all the better.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/DesignYourWorkspace

Keep your desk clutter-free and brighten up your office space with some big, bold artwork. This set-up is sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Instagram home office inspiration


This tidy little desk set-up is perfect for small office spaces. Use every inch of space for a practical purpose – built-in storage keeps things tidy and allows for the maximum work surface.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/CitiHabitats

If minimalism is your bag, this all-white working space is for you. An orchid is a great shout if you’re a serial plant-killer, too – they require very little attention and keep mostly to themselves.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/gk.interiors

Aside from owning the world’s smallest laptop, we love this person’s clean white working space and floating shelf. A shelf or picture ledge is a great choice to display some above-desk picture inspiration without hammering holes everywhere.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/TheTashVye

The devil’s in the detail in this monochrome workspace, from the gold-tipped desk legs to the freshly-plumped blush pillow. Keeping the desktop clear of clutter by choosing a desk with drawers is a good idea if you’re prone to working chaos.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/CrookedCalligraphy

If you happen to need a desktop cluttered with work paraphernalia, that doesn’t mean you can’t work in a chic organised chaos. We love this warm corner desk kept neat with a strict colour scheme.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/KallasNet

Make your home office instantly more cosy with a gallery wall above your desk. Mix up inspirational prints, quotes and family photos to strike a good balance of imagery.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/1CreativeMomma

Make your desk a place of creative beauty with an arty mood board. Just impose a strict one-on-one-off rule so that you don’t end up with an overcrowded pin-board and an over-cluttered mind.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/TheDecorFix

Another great way to keep your desk clutter-free? Opt for wall storage in the form of a simple white magazine rack. We love those gold floating plant pots, too.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/KikkiK_crush

An organiser’s dream, everything has its place on this girly set-up, from those fairy-light decorated mini-drawers to that rose-gold pen pot. We’d be quite happy working here.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/Stilrausch_wedding_sandra

This mini desk space is just bubbling over with creativity. We love the idea of a blackboard backing for scribbling ideas on, as well as the sheepskin seat cosy.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/Milanosmos

That statement lamp takes this cute little desk space from drab to fab. There’s nothing like a vase of fresh flowers at the start of your working day to lift your spirits, too. (/Give you something to post on Instagram.)


Source: Instagram.com/Chart_noticeboards

That rug. That chair. That noticeboard. We want that home office. Please.

Source: Instagram.com/DesignbyAikonik

Confine all your bits and bobs onto a chic tray to keep your desk looking and feeling tidy and organised. We love this set-up.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/WestElm

Great lamp, great rug, great cactus, cute cat. Yes, we could work here.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/Spazio_Casa_Interioare

How about adding the world’s biggest frame above your desk to hold all your creative thoughts in one place? Plus a monkey. Everyone needs a monkey.

Instagram home office inspiration

Source: Instagram.com/DesignYourWorkspace

If you have a view like this, put a desk in front of it at your peril. How does this person get any work done? #DayDreaming

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