The highest-paying jobs in the UK may actually surprise you

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As we settle into the new year, many people will be considering a career change for 2021 - whether it's as a result of simply losing the spark for a current role, or dreaming of starting from scratch and taking a different path entirely.

But before you take the leap, you may be interested to know which jobs are the highest paying in the UK as it may sway your decision.

Indeed conducted a study to find out which industries are the best paid right now, and the results may surprise you.

To find out which jobs brought home a very plump salary, they analysed hundreds of thousands of roles.

Topping the list is data modelling, with an average income of £145,000. Other top positions include tax partners, security project managers and contract consultants.

At the end of the list - but by no means earning less than a fortune - are Paediatric consultants taking home £95,152 a year, followed by Ophthalmologists earning £93,876 and Anaesthesiologists banking £93,711.

Indeed's Bill Richards explains: 'Data modeller is a role few people outside the tech and business worlds will have heard of. But its low profile may partly explain why it is so well paid; candidates with these specialist skills are rare and employers are fighting hard to win their attention – by offering high salaries.'

However, earnings are just one aspect of a new role, he adds, continuing: 'While money talks, offering a big salary is only one tactic, and the most strategic employers will design jobs around these valuable people’s work-life priorities.'

So which jobs come out on top?

Highest-paying jobs in the UK

1. Data modeler £145,726

2. Tax partner £127,357

3. Security project manager £124,208

4. Contract consultant £120,529

5. User experience researcher £118,261

6. Chief financial officer £115,467

7. Active directory engineer £114,000

8. Tableau developer £108,112

9. Vice president of sales £104,046

10. Vice president £101,933

11. Medical director £100,746

12. Chief commercial officer £98,272

13. Orthodontist £96,405

14. Virtualisation engineer £96,108

15. Vice president of engineering £95,912

16. Neurosurgeon £95,327

17. Neonatologist £95,183

18. Paediatric consultant £95,152

19. Ophthalmologist £93,876

20. Anaesthesiologist £93,711

Would you consider a career switch for a bigger salary?

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