This is the one thing that employers are looking for in a job interview

Well, if this Google executive says so...

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Well, if this Google executive says so...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

There's a wealth of information out there about what you definitely should - and definitely shouldn't - do during a job interview. Whether it's the one thing you should never take with you, or the fashion bosses advice for nailing it with your look, we're bombarded with so many rules.

But what if in all our preparing for the interview that we forget to be ourselves? We know that these are the 20 toughest job interview questions, and you've no doubt attempted to formulate the perfect answers to them. How many times have you insisted to potential employers that perfectionism is both your strength and your weakness with a smug internal grin?

According to Google executive, Peter Roper, employers aren't actually looking for the 'right' answers. In fact, it's much more about the conversations that stem from questions.

And as Google's head of mobile brand strategy, we're going to listen to him.

Roper apparently starts an interview with questions like 'What's your favourite colour?' and 'What's the craziest thing you've done?' in order to spark a more interesting conversation that lets him know more about the candidate.

'The questions don't matter as much as the conversation that happens after, in that it provides you with a unique opportunity to really understand what someone's passionate about and what someone keys in on,' he told AOL.

'And that's kind of the best part of the conversation.'

So if you want the job, don't act like a robot regurgitating practiced lines and remember to be yourself.

Sound advice, we'd say.

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