5 things you should never say to your newly engaged friend

Because trust us, they get old pretty quickly...


Because trust us, they get old pretty quickly...

So your friends have just got engaged – and with that comes all the excitement of endless calls and celebrations as they share their good news. But before you jump on the congratulations bandwagon, you might want to read this first. Because, as someone who just got engaged herself, let me assure you that there is nothing any newly-engaged person wants to hear less than these five super-annoying things…

1.‘So when’s the wedding?’

Yes, we know it’s only natural that this is the first question you ask. But seriously, please don’t. In your eyes, it shows enthusiasm and excitement for your big day. In ours, it’s super annoying. Why? Because 99% of us won’t be able to answer yet. After all, we’ve only just got engaged, remember?


But more importantly, as wonderful as it feels to get engaged, it can also be overwhelming knowing how much there is now going to be to organise. So rather than grilling us about when you can expect to be getting your wedding glad rags on, just let us enjoy being engaged for a bit first.

 2. Anything that’s not, ‘It’s beautiful’ about the ring

You’d be amazed at the reactions you get when you show people the ring that you’ve just committed to wearing every day for the rest of your life. Jewellery is a personal thing so it’s understandable that not everyone will love the ring as much you do. But the fact that remains that this is a piece that has been chosen especially to reflect one of the biggest decisions a couple will ever make. And yes, it might not be as big or impressive as some of those amazing celebrity engagement rings out there, but it's special to us. So don’t ruin it for us by making it obvious that it’s not your thing (even if it is pretty awful).


3. ‘When I got engaged…’

Yes, we’re well aware that we’re not the first person to ever get engaged on the planet but still, while we might be nodding along in polite interest, inside we’re thinking ‘Seriously?! I cannot believe you’re trying to bring this back to you. YOUR TIME IS OVER!’ As tempting as it is to relate, please just don’t. We only ever get to enjoy this moment once, so please don’t accidentally overshadow it.


4. Any response that isn’t ‘how sweet!’ to your engagement story

Sure, some people’s proposal stories can be a little intense – especially when they turn into what is obviously a very well rehearsed two-part tale.


And yes, all the romance of the moment can end up sounding a little cheesy but under no circumstances is it socially acceptable to point that out because regardless of whether or not you have a little bit of vom in your mouth from the saccharine story, you should never, EVER try and joke about it being cringe-worthy or corny. Or even worse, it being creepy (Yep, it might be hard to believe but we really have heard someone say that.).

5. ‘Well, you’ll have to invite [insert random friend/friend’s partner/distant family member’s name here]’

Again, this refers back to point one. If we haven’t made any plans yet that will also mean that we don’t have a guest list. But even if we have thought about it, please don’t start throwing your weight around already. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to compromise to keep everyone happy, so try not to start piling it on when we’ve only just got engaged.


Besides, putting aside the fact that you might not have the space or money to invite everyone who wants to be there, the people who you invite to your big day should be about who you want and not who your guests want. So while it might be disappointing that you can’t bring your new boyfriend with you, try to understand that we would have him if we could – unless of course he’s a total douchebag, then maybe not.