Best man stops wedding ceremony to propose to his pregnant girlfriend

Okay cool.


Okay cool.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

What's the worst thing that could happen on your wedding day? Tripping down the aisle? Forgetting the rings? Having a Bride Wars style catfight with your best friend?

Yeah, they're all pretty shit. But we're gonna put it out there and say not as shit as this.

You've spent the last year (or more) tearing your hair out over seating plans and wedding favours, and you've spent a not-so-small fortune on making sure that everything is exactly how you want it and now your big day is finally here! You sashay down the aisle, there's a sea of beaming faces and your one and only is waiting for you at the altar.

It's actually happening! All the planning and money and sweat and tears has been leading to this moment. Your other half starts spouting off sob-worthy proclamations of love, you're holding it together as best as you can, and then the best man halts the ceremony, gets down on one knee and proposes to his own girlfriend. Oh, and tells the church she's pregnant, too.

Wait - WHAT?

It might sound like one of those sweat-inducing nightmares you get in the lead up to your wedding, but this actually happened to one poor couple when they tied the knot recently.

The anonymous bride wrote a letter to Slate's Dear Prudence where she revealed that the best man John, who also officiated the wedding, took it upon himself to stop their wedding vows so that he could propose to his girlfriend Jane.

'I couldn’t even hear the vows my husband wrote or the rest of the ceremony over the noise of Jane’s happy sobs, her very surprised family who were also guests, and people seated nearby congratulating her,' the bride said.

'Even the videographer cut to her frequently during the ceremony, and you can’t hear anything over the chatter.'

And as if being the best man, officiator, and a newly-engaged soon-to-be father on someone else's big day wasn't enough, this clown also went on to hijack the after party too.

'During the reception John and Jane became the primary focus of our guests. John even went out of his way to ask the band for a special dance for just him and Jane on the dance floor,' the bride continued.

'I’ve never been an attention hog, and I wouldn’t even have minded if he’d proposed after the ceremony, but weeks later I am still seething.'

Okay - who is this man? Was his pregnant girlfriend not mortified? Didn't they care that they literally turned someone else's wedding into a free engagement party? And what did the other guests think of it all?

The bride said: 'My husband hasn’t spoken to John since the wedding, and our mutual friends think what he did was rude but that my husband should just get over it.'

Oh, okay, yeah we didn't think of it like that. Your friends are probably right, you should really stop moaning. It doesn't matter that you've spent £30,000 and countless hours planning this day - be happy for your friends, you awful, selfish bridezilla! Did you even think to say congratulations to the happy couple by getting all the guests to toast them with the drinks you paid for, or were you too busy crying into your new husbands groom suit, you attention seeking monster?

Some people.

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