Are these wedding traditions dying out?

Out with the old, in with the new

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Out with the old, in with the new

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue… Some wedding traditions have been around for so long that brides follow them just because that’s always been the way (funny how traditions tend to only affect the bride, eh?).

But things are starting to change, according to new research by Bateaux London, which found that more and more couples are ditching the old ways in favour of some fresh ones.

Let’s start with the wedding dress, which traditionally is of course white, to symbolise the bride’s virginity. We can all agree that ship has probably sailed for most couples getting married, which is why only 34% of couples polled are fussed with it.

Another big part of day has to be the father giving this daughter away - which back in the day literally meant giving ownership of her over to the husband.

Today, it’s thankfully not quite as sexist, but even so, 25% of couples are totally rejecting it, preferring the bride to go solo down the aisle, or be accompanied by a friend.

In terms of bridesmaids and ushers, gender barriers are being smashed, with 18% of couples saying they’d be happy to parties that include either gender.

Finally, onto the biggest issue facing newlyweds today: the whole changing your name situation. Many claim it’s against feminist values for the women to take her husband’s name. In fact, 26% of people agree, saying there is no need for it, though 32% aren’t fussed either way.

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