Introducing the luxury chauffeur-driven service you didn't know you needed

What is Wheely?

Wheely essentially offers discreet and luxurious chauffeur-driven cars at the tap of a finger. The luxury ride-hailing service lets you book chauffeur journeys on-demand and in advance through an app. At the moment, it is only available in London, Paris, Moscow, and Saint Petersburg, but there are plans to expand to more cities.

All chauffeurs are handpicked ensuring the best possible etiquette, and arrive in a smart-looking car (usually a black Mercedes), wearing a suit, and help with doors and baggage. The consistently high standards have made Wheely the UK App Store’s highest-rated ride-hailing app with 4.9 stars. The ideal service for the discerning traveller, Wheely is all about privacy, safety, and - above all else - luxury.

Putting Wheely to the test:

Wheely is our editors' go-to service during hectic Fashion Weeks in both London and Paris. Andrea Thompson, British Marie Claire's Editor-In-Chief says, "Getting from show to show during this time can often feel chaotic: you're often running (in OTT heels) from one side of town to the other not knowing if you're going to make it, but having a dedicated chauffeur takes all the stress out of it. The chauffeurs are first class and navigate the routes with military precision. The cars were pristine and comfortable. Safe to say, no shows were missed. I would recommend them to anyone".

How do you use it?

Download the Wheely app for Apple devices here, and for Android devices here. From there it's relatively easy to use. You only need a phone and pin code, which is sent to verify the phone number.

It is then easy to order a car, it will show the ETA of the next available chauffeur, and you can order one, and add your destination either at that time or later. If you want to pre-book a car, simply tab the 'choose time' time option - you can book days or even weeks in advance. You can also request to book a car for a whole day and ask for any other requests in the comments box when you book.

How is Wheely different from other services?

First, the vetting process is stricter, so you know you're in safe hands. For example, drivers undergo a rigorous assessment process to demonstrate their experience, and they need to be fully licensed by TFL (Private Hire License), have a full UK driving license and be a UK resident. In an industry first, Wheely's Chauffeur Academy sees that all drivers go through a gold standard accreditation and training process which covers everything from first-aid training to emotional intelligence, etiquette, security, and situational awareness - this is seriously luxury stuff.

There are also strict requirements for the cars, which must be Mercedes only (Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz V-Class), no older than four years old and in immaculate condition.

Then there are all the added extras that make the service feel ultra-luxurious: the charging cables, the free water, the door holding, etc. And for pre-booked transfers from airports, Wheely offers a complimentary meet and greet service in arrivals.

Elevate your dating life

Want to impress your date? Go the extra mile and send a chauffeur to pick them up. You can even use the service to deliver bouquets or gifts to loved ones.

How much does it cost?

It varies on the destination. We used Wheely during fashion week, and a full day with a driver costs around £500-600 and a journey from North London to the Gatwick costs around £70. The cancellation rate is £6.

Is Wheely worth it?

In a word, yes. If you're looking for a luxury car service, this is it.

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