You can now stay at this hobbit hole Airbnb and it looks dreamy

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If you're a big Lord of the Rings fan, you'll probably know about the Irish Hobbit pod accommodation in Donegal - but if you really want to make a trip that's really precious, you absolutely need to check out the Hobbit hole listing on Airbnb because it really is something special.

The spot in Fairfield, Virginia, is a LOTR dream. Set in the countryside, it's a secluded magical haven covered in foliage and lanterns, and surrounded by a gorgeous garden complete with a picket fence.

Inside, it's like something from a fairytale - theres a dragon hand-carved into the floor, fairy lights and a retro stove.

hobbit hole airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Of course, it also has the signature circular door, and you can also find all kinds of cute oldy-worldy goodies, from lanterns, a desk with quill and paper, wooden utensils and a range of jars and preserves. Cute.

Sticking with the fantasy theme, there isn't a TV in the Hobbit hole, but they do offer a series of workshops which include 'Hobbit Pipe and Wizard Staff Carving', 'Vintage Broom' and 'Wooden Spoon' sessions with the hosts.

hobbit hole airbnb

Credit: Airbnb

Sound amazing? Yeah, we think so too. And unsurprisingly, the property has a 100% five-star rating with over 360 reviews.

Prices start at £199, but can you really put a price on living out your best Hobbit/fairytale life?

One particularly big fan of the Hobbit hole left a review reading: 'This was one of the coziest, magical two days I've ever had. I booked Hobbit's Dream as an early birthday present for myself and my partner and we had been excited for months.

'There were so many little surprises and details - you know this place was made with love by a true Tolkien fan. But I'd even recommend Hobbit's Dream to people who have never read Tolkien. It's just THAT beautiful.'

We're sold.

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