The holiday destinations travel bloggers are all over

Don't mind if we do...

travel blogger destinations
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Don't mind if we do...

Admit it. When you're thinking about your possible holiday destinations, you can't help but think about how many great photos you're going to get there, right?

It's why you explore the geotag of your potential destination before you go so you can make sure you know the most picturesque spots (like the most Instagrammable places in France) way in advance.

So when interviewed 33 travel influencers to find out where was on their ultimate travel bucket list, we listened.

Because, if they're going to be Instagramming their holidays, you know we're going to follow suit.

Travel blogger destinations


20% of the travel influencers voted Japan as their number one destination. Suzanne from The Travel Bunny explained: 'Japan [is] so culturally different from anywhere else on earth.' While, Katy, owner of Untold Morsels had to agree, adding: 'I'm fascinated by the culture, food traditions and beautiful landscapes.' Macca, a Man and a Broad said: 'I love immersing myself in countries very different to the UK, and they don't come more different than Japan!'


12% chose India as their must-see destination. Clare, owner of Suitcases and Sandcastles, revealed it was the Indian state Kerala that enticed her back, revealing: 'We’d love to eat curries off a banana leaf, visit the elephants wandering around the temples, watch the fishermen pulling in their catch along the beautiful beaches and take a boat tour down the backwaters.'


10% of respondents said Cuba, New Zealand and The Antarctic. Pommie Travels’ Victoria said Cuba had been a country that had long awaited being discovered.

New Zealand

Charlotte from Tickets and Travels admitted to NZ having 'everything, from white sandy beaches at Cathedral Cove to stunning mountains and hikes at the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and great cities like Auckland.' While Annie from Tales of Annie Bean shared the same opinion: '[The destination has] very big outdoors and active lifestyle`s[.] Plus of course amazing scenery.'

The Antarctic

Dan owner of Dan Flying Solo said that it was the Antarctic's 'raw nature' that appealed to him: 'As long as the continent is respected whilst travelled I can’t imagine a more incredible place to explore.'

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