Er, hold on – what on earth is ‘duvet dining’?

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  • It's the new trend in ridiculous (but brilliant) pop ups - so we thought we'd show you how to do it at home, too

    There’s a new pop up hitting the UK – and it’s really comfy. Yep, ‘duvet dining’ (or, for the hashtag-keen among you, #duvetdining) has hit the city, and it’s exactly how you’d imagine. It’s already hit London (sorry guys), but is due to reach Edinburgh and Belfast later this month. So you probably need to pop along.

    Created by TK Maxx as part of their ‘Ridiculous Possibilities’ campaign, the concept is simple: build a den out of your duvets, and eat dinner underneath it. (Oh, and if you can get Gizzi Erskine to cook it for you, that works even better.)

    For those of you who can’t attend the event though, all is not lost. We asked the creatives behind the new trend for six quick tips on how to recreate the experience in your own home…

    1. Use your very best sheets
    Don’t leave them in the cupboard any longer: pull out your best linens and use them to create the walls of your fort. Jacquard stitching, embellishing, stripes and patterns work well to create a back-drop to your den from both the outside and in.

    2. Size matters
    Ensure you give your guests enough height to sit comfortably inside your fantasy fort. Attach one corner of a sheet to a ceiling fixture – or run a piece of string between two chairs to create a similar effect and drape the sheet over the top of it.

    3. Pad your bum
    Cushions and quilts create a great floor for you and your guests to sit on with ease. No one wants a sore bum during dinner, so get cosy and throw in lots of cushions so your guests can stretch out and relax.

    4. Intrigue the senses
    Encourage your guests to engage with their imagination when they step inside by using tonnes of different textures as well as clashing colours.

    5. Set the scene
    Soft lighting, scented candles and fun fairy lights will add to the atmosphere you’ve created and make for a more intimate evening. Just, er, don’t set fire to anything. Please.

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