Dans Le Noir

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  • Dine in the dark at Dans le Noir, like Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel in new flick, when in Rome

    Where? 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1 0DU (0207 253 1100)

    Dans le what? Dans Le Noir, literally meaning in the dark. Based in uber-cool Clerkenwell, it’s the only restaurant in London where you can – you guessed it – dine in the dark. And we’re not talking twilight. This place is pitch black.

    Why? Yes, this did cross our minds as we stepped through the door. But believe it or not, dining in complete darkness helps you to rely on your other senses, and really enjoy what you’re eating. And it’s a complete giggle. The table staff are all partially sighted, too, so it’ll give you a great view of things from their perspective.

    Sounds interesting! It’s a real eye-opener, we promise! What was first a really scary experience soon became second nature, and by the end of the meal we were reaching for our wine glasses with no trouble.

    When in Rome is Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel’s brand new flick, which follows an unlucky-in-love New Yorker who takes a whirlwind trip to Rome – where she soon finds herself pursued by a whole host of different suitors. And things take a hilarious turn when the pair decide to go on a date in the dark.

    Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel - When in Rome - Celebrity - Marie Claire

    WATCH Kristen and Josh’s dark dining experience here…

    Enough about the dark, what about the food? Obviously, being pitch black, it would be impossible to read a menu once inside the restaurant. Instead we selected from the set choices (red for meat, white for fish and green for vegetarian) while sipping a pre-dinner drink in the light and airy bar.

    The catch? You don’t actually find out what you’ve eaten until afterwards. But trust us, the food’s gorgeous. We dined on lobster, veal and a lemony crème caramel – think chic Frech food with a twist and you’re there.

    And to wash it all down? As they know what you’re eating (and you don’t!) the lovely bar staff will happily select wine for you. It’s reasonably priced, and kept flowing, so you never have to leave the table. 

    Need to know? Dans Le Noir is open from 6.30-midnight, Monday to Saturday. Catch the first sitting between 6.45-7pm, and the second between 9-9.30.

    When in Rome is in cinemas now.

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