Your Sylvanian Families toys might now be worth a fortune

Do you have some in your attic?

Sylvanian Families
(Image credit: Theisen/REX/Shutterstock)

Do you have some in your attic?

Do you remember your first Sylvanian Families member? Yeah, they probably were your best friend, right? If you were anything like us, you probably spoiled them with all the pastel coloured dresses and gingham they could possibly want.

And, well, if you're no longer that attached to said friend any more, they could just make you a small fortune if you sell it on.

Remember how Beanie Babies were all the rage a few years ago and how their value skyrocketed in resale prices? Yup, and the same thing happened with Pokemon cards after? Well, it's all about Sylvanian Families now.

The toys first hit the children's toy market back in 1985 after being designed by Japanese inventor Epoch, and became super popular in the UK by 1987. Well, they've now upped in value hugely, apparently.

Search on eBay to see which exact models could make you some dollar, as last year a rabbit figure wearing a yellow dress and pearl headband went for hundreds of pounds.

And considering Sylvanian Families are still on sale at places like Argos and Amazon, it seems like the older your model, the more it might be worth.

Delphine Chui