New research has found that women are enjoying sex more than men

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  • Our time has come (literally)

    Despite the fact that less than a fifth of British women feel satisfied with their sex lives (it’s ok, the best sex toys were invented for this very reason) new research has found that women are now enjoying sex more than men – rejoice!

    Yes, even though two-thirds of men always orgasm when they have penetrative sex and less than a quarter of women do (although apparently this is the age we experience our best orgasms) it turns out that when we do finally get ours it’s for a lot longer.

    The study was carried out by LoveHoney and found that a woman’s climax lasts on average 25% longer than a man’s, and to be even more specific most women will orgasm for 10.9 seconds whereas men will only last for 8.7 seconds.

    A spokeswoman for the sex toy company said: ‘There is no doubt the Fifty Shades books and films have empowered women sexually in the long-term and lead to a fundamental change in behaviour in the bedroom.

    It is good news for women AND men because they are both achieving greater sexual happiness in the bedroom as a result. And it completely reversed conventional wisdom which still has men taking the lead in the bedroom. those days are long gone.’

    The study also found that women  are experiencing more multiple orgasms than the opposite sex, with 75 per cent of women having multiple orgasms and only 67 per cent of men experiencing then.

    About time if you ask us.

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