This is apparently the age that you will experience the best orgasms

And it’s not what we’d expect

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And it’s not what we’d expect

If romantic comedies are anything to go by, we should be climaxing around the clock and experiencing the kind of intense orgasms that Meg Ryan displayed during the famous diner scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Most of us have come to the realisation that it’s not always the case, and we’ve all wondered if we’re expecting too much from orgasms.

All seemed lost when it emerged that the famous g-spot was actually a myth, and since then, we have all wondered if maybe it’s us or our partners that are the problem.

Well, according to new research we were all worrying for nothing. It turns out that it might not be the technique or partner that’s preventing us from climaxing, it could actually be our age.

That’s right, contraceptive app Natural Cycles has worked out the average age that orgasms are the most enjoyable, and it turns out that you just might not have got to it yet.

According to their research, women tend to have the best orgasms aged 36.

The survey in question assessed over 2,600 women, looking into both the frequency and enjoyment of the orgasms experienced and it turned out that the older the woman, the better the orgasm.

In fact there was a 10% difference in sex enjoyment between women over and under the age of 36, with only 76% of the younger women enjoying sex in the past four years, as opposed to 86% of women over the age of 36.

Well that’s certainly something to look forward to.

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