Less than a fifth of British women feel satisfied with their sex life

Oh, great.


Oh, great.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

There are so many amazing ways to spice up a lacklustre sex life. When things are going a bit stale, there's the beginners guides to BDSM, the hot sex tips from LGBT couples that everyone will love, or you can go solo and keep yourself entertained with some of the best sex toys around.

But how satisfied are we with our sex lives as a whole? According to a new study - not very.

Ipsos Mori asked 2,002 women to 'fess up so that they could find out just how happy we were with all things afterglow, and, rather depressingly, only 17% women aged 30 to 80 are satisfied with their sex lives.

The study also asked how often we're having sex. Yes, we know that more sex makes you better at your job, but considering the average Brit has sex this many times a week, we thought the averages for British women would be higher.

Of the participants, 10% said they had sex at least once a week, half of them said they had sex once a month, and less than 10% said they had sex once a year (if that).

But most surprisingly, more than 25% of the women asked said that they never have sex.

We all go through dry spells, but the most common reasons the women gave for avoiding getting between the sheets are being too tired, feeling too anxious, or their partners suffering from a problem such as erectile dysfunction.

And the group of women least satisfied with their sex lives? Those aged between 30 and 44, when women are meant to be at their sexual prime.

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