Max your chances of finding a perfect love match

Looking for love this Valentine’s? Expert help is at hand…

In Love, Kissing
In Love, Kissing
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Looking for love this Valentine’s? Expert help is at hand…

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Even if we do want to meet someone new, it seems most of us wait four years before breaking off a relationship that isn't working. Fear of being alone, losing mutual friendships, and anxiety about the effects a break-up could have on families are all reasons we stay put, according to a survey by relationship experts

When we do finally make the split, many of us rush far too quickly into a new relationship that we often end up regretting. So much so, a quarter of us ditch the new person in less than a month.

Given that long-term compatibility is still the ultimate goal for most of us, finding someone who wants the same things from life is essential. Exciting and fit as a rock-climbing triathlete might sound, there's no point if your idea of exercise is tracking down the latest pair of Jimmy Choos, and curling up with a rom-com on Friday night.

So how do you get it right? Well, finding happiness with a significant other takes more than just luck, so use a little expert help. Relationship site eHarmony – the brains behind the butterflies – not only matches potential partners by age and career, it'll also take into account the things that really contribute to a happy and lasting relationship, such as shared values, beliefs and characteristics. That means when you finally go on that all-important first date you'll know the big stuff is sorted, so it's simply a matter of seeing whether the chemistry works (and checking out his or her table manners!).

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For more info, visit – the brains behind the butterflies. To get eHarmony for just £9.95 a month, sign up by 29 February 2016, using the code LOVEMARIECLAIRE.*

*Offer only valid in the UK and expires on 29 February 2016 at 11.59pm GMT. Billed in three consecutive monthly instalments of £39.80 each for a 12-month subscription plan. After expiration of the promotional period, your account will automatically renew for consecutive 12-month terms at £39.80 in accordance with the Ts&Cs.

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