Lockdown dating now comes with a lot of new trends, from ‘zumping’ to ‘quarantionships’

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  • There are some dating terms that you’ll be totally familiar with: the old time favourite ghosting, the ever-present zombieing, and let’s not forget the dogfishing.

    But now that many singles are turning to virtual dating in lockdown, you guessed it – there are a lot of new behaviours to get your head around.

    Whether it’s being dumped over Zoom or embarking on a quarantionship, language learning app Babbel has put together an extensive list of lockdown love lingo.

    Let’s take a look…


    The latest slang term to hit online dating, it quite clearly does what it says on the tin – a Zoom dump. You’re essentially broken up with over a video chat during lockdown, taking the old dumping by email/text/carrier pigeon to a whole new level. At least this way the dumper is technically facing up to it.

    Zoom bombing

    First there was the photobomb, now there’s Zoom bombing. You know, that annoying moment when you’re on a really important work video call and someone in your household decides to present themselves to your colleagues uninvited. Whether it’s zipping behind you because they ‘need something’, or purposely jumping in to wind you up, that’s Zoom bombing.


    The Japanese expression ‘on-nomi’ means ‘drink online’ to describe the current trending of online socialising with a Quarantini. However, if you’re planning an online meet-up with a Tinder match, remember that too much of a good thing could lead you to faceplant your keyboard mid-date – so take it easy on the lockdown cocktails.


    Yes, it sounds very unpleasant, but it simply means sex in lockdown. Initially, it was coined in response to a statement made by the American televangelist and media mogul, Pat Robertson, who claimed that oral sex could be responsible for the spread of the virus.


    While lockdown may not seem like the ideal time to start a relationship, not everyone will let that stop them. Quarantionships are those relationships that started in lockdown, built on zoom dates and Netflix parties.


    They’re the couples embracing isolation together, sticking out the endless pub quizzes and posting their new routines all over Instagram. But if that’s you, you might also receive accusations that you’re in ‘smugsolation’ – i.e. flaunting your perfect other half/house/fur babies for the world to see while us singletons eat tinned spaghetti and watch the Harry Potter movies again.

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