Five ways to ensure HE doesn’t ruin your Christmas

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  • Christmas is a wonderful time of the year – the carols are ringing out from the shops and trees are going up in people’s windows as excitement and anticipation fills the air.

    Yes, the festive season is nearly upon us.

    However, Christmas usually means something very different to different people. So, while you might think of it as a time to appreciate your family and friends, others believe in its traditional and religious meaning and some just like it for the presents – giving and receiving!

    The problem comes when your other half has a completely different view of Christmas to you. Most of us girls don’t mind a difference in opinion – we’ve put up with it all year – but not even our other halves are going to ruin Christmas.

    Here are five tips to help you ensure you both enjoy the holidays and make it to New Year without the divorce bells ringing.

    1. Give him a list
    Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to open a beautifully wrapped gift, just to find out it’s another pair of slippers … we’ve all been there!

    Avoid disappointment this year by giving him a list of pre-approved presents. It will still be a surprise, just one that you know you’ll like. Make sure there’s something to suit all budgets or you might end up with those slippers after all.

    2. Make him designated driver
    If you’re spending Christmas with your side of the family, it’s probably best to make sure he doesn’t have one too many drinks and end up dancing on the table. Make him designated driver so you can relax while he sups away on Auntie Mabel’s alcohol-free punch.

    The last thing you want is him to cause a scene because he’s been downing whiskey on the rocks all afternoon.

    3. Keep your finances separate
    It might sound extreme but when you find out he’s cleared the bank account to buy the latest games console, you’ll be wishing you had heeded this advice! Not only does it mean he can’t spend your savings but it’ll also prevent his financial problems hurting your credit score.

    If you’ve already merged finances, visit site Credit Expert to check your credit report and assess any damage.

    4. Spend the morning together
    It’s easy for arguments about who’s family you’ll having dinner with to spoil the festive season but make sure you make time for yourselves. Christmas is about family but it’s also a time for the two of you.

    Skip breakfast with the parents for your own private present-opening session upstairs – what better way to start the day?

    5. Don’t let him cook
    Unless he’s the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey, it’s best to leave the Christmas dinner to those that know best – usually one of your elders. If he insists on having a role in the making of the dinner, ask him to set the table or carve the meat. A disastrous turkey dinner is not going to help you achieve the perfect Christmas after all.

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