It turns out date night preferences differ on the day of the week

Does this match your date desires?

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Does this match your date desires?

The dating game can be a fun or treacherous one but it seems the one thing we all have in common is that our preferences as to what we do and where we go follow a pretty predictable pattern, according to dating app Happn, any way.

So, next time you're on an online dating site and your prospective partner asks you what you want to do, these survey results might just help you as they reveal exactly which date activity is most popular among women and men on specific days of the week.

And if you're feeling spontaneous, Happn's latest feature 'see you there' allows you to let your matches know you're up for going for a walk, catching a movie, getting a drink, going for a run, going to a party or grabbing a bite within the next six hours. (It's time to move things forward IRL.)

Getting a drink has been the most-used option between Wednesday through to Sunday for women and men and going for a walk comes in second if you're asking someone on a Monday. How about Tuesdays, you ask? Apparently that's the day of a low-key dinner or a cinema trip.

Going to the gym, unsurprisingly, hasn't been as popular but if that's your bag, you'll be most successful for a Wednesday, apparently.

Date night preferences

By Gender

Cinema (Men: 14.3%; Women: 11.9%) Dinner (Men: 15.1%; Women: 16.9%) Drink (Men: 24.7%; Women: 28.8%) Party (Men: 16.4%; Women: 15.4%) Run (Men: 8.1%; Women: 5.5%) Walk (Men: 21.3%; Women: 21.5%)

By Day

Monday (Cinema: 24%; Dinner: 13%, Drink: 12%; Party: 11%; Run: 6%; Walk: 34%) Tuesday (Cinema: 18%; Dinner: 26%; Drink: 24%; Party: 15%; Run: 1%; Walk: 16%) Wednesday (Cinema: 20%; Dinner: 18%; Drink: 21%; Party: 6%; Run: 12%; Walk: 22%) Thursday (Cinema: 7%; Dinner: 8%; Drink: 39%; Party: 5%; Run: 4%; Walk: 36%) Friday (Cinema: 2%; Dinner: 11%; Drink: 32%; Party: 29%; Run: 3%; Walk: 22%) Saturday (Cinema: 3%; Dinner: 16%; Drink: 34%; Party: 21%; Run: 2%; Walk: 23%) Sunday (Cinema: 6%; Dinner: 28%; Drink: 32%; Party: 20%; Run: 1%; Walk: 12%)

Best Day for Each Activity

Movie-lovers: Wednesday, 28% Foodies: Tuesday or Sunday, 23% Like a Tipple-rs: Friday 21% Party Animals: Friday, 32% Gym Buffs: Wednesday, 44% Country Strollers: Thursday or Friday, 18%

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