Pay It Forward With These 9 Random Acts Of Kindness

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  • To celebrate World Kindness Day 2019, here are 9 generous ways for you to pay it forward and brighten someone’s mood…


    Never underestimate the impact of a random act of kindness. Whether it’s just holding the door open for someone or helping to carry their luggage down the tube steps, acts of kindness are easy to perform and they can make such a difference.

    A recent survey found that 65% of its participants perform a random act of kindness daily with 83% claiming to do so at least once a week. The acts don’t have to be elaborate and costly, just smiling at a fellow commuter is a good deed and has positive effects on everyone involved.

    People who engage in selfless acts are proven to be happier and healthier, the gestures supposedly improving your mood and decreasing social anxiety.

To mark World Kindness Day 2019, here are 9 generous ways for you to pay it forward and make someone’s day…

    Leave a pound coin in an unexpected place

    We have all felt that surge of joy of finding a pound coin in your pocket or even on the floor. It is an expensive hobby but just by leaving a pound in an unexpected place: on a bench or even in a telephone booth, you will be giving someone else that unbeatable feeling.

    Buy a coffee for the person behind you

    The next time that you’re in a coffee shop, why not pay an extra pound or two and tell the barista to get the person behind you a drink of their choice, or just contribute it to their purchase? You will definitely make their day.

    Leave a book on the train

    If you finish a book on your commute, why not leave it on your seat instead of taking it home? It would be a nice surprise for a fellow passenger and you could even leave a note telling them your favourite chapter!

    Send over a dessert

    The next time that you’re in a restaurant, choose someone who looks like they’re having a hard day and send them over a hot chocolate fudge cake or whichever dessert looks the best on the menu. It is a pricey good deed but it really will transform someone’s week.

    Leave post-it notes in unexpected places

    Write little messages and leave them in unexpected places to brighten people’s moods, whether it is a complimentary post-it note stuck on a public toilet mirror or a joke stuck on the back of a train seat to make commuters smile.

    Compliment someone to their boss

    The next time a shop assistant goes out of their way to help or a waitress impresses you, compliment them to their boss. Positive reviews mean a lot and cost nothing to give, they could even lead to a well-deserved promotion.

    Give another driver your parking space

    Finding an available parking space can be time-consuming and extremely stressful so giving it up to someone else sounds counter-productive. In fact, the kind act is liberating and the pleasure that you will give other drivers will boost your own mood too.

    Offer to return someone’s trolley

    If you’re passing by someone who is unpacking their groceries into the boot of their car, offer to take their trolley back to the supermarket for them and save them the trek. It’s a free, simple and effective way of making someone else smile.

    Help someone with their luggage

    Carrying heavy luggage or a pram up and down tube steps and on and off trains is such hard work, especially in rush hour. Stopping to help people in their time of need will make such a difference to their journey, saving them time and energy.

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