10 things you need to know about Polestar

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    Words by Erin Baker, Editorial Director at Auto-Trader

    Polestar is the exciting new electric brand you’ve probably never heard of. It used to be the sporty arm of Volvo, but now stands alone, and will start selling cars in the UK next year. It’s pretty cool, and here’s why:

    1. It’s a Swedish brand. And the Swedes have always championed sustainable luxury, high safety standards and cool design right.

    2. The Polestar 1 is now on sale. It’s a £139,000, 600-horsepower hybrid. Only 1,500 will be made and it’s only being sold in left-hand drive. A collector’s item then.

    3. It also looks remarkably like a Volvo S60, albeit with a sexy silhouette, yellow seat belts and glass roof. Thus making you the fastest Volvo driver on Earth if you buy one.

    4. The Polestar 2 goes on sale early 2020. It will cost about £40,000 and will be an all-electric car, taking the fight to the Tesla Model



    5. Google will provide the tech in Polestar 2, meaning you can link the car with your smartphone, navigate with Google Maps and use Google Assistant and Google Play in car.

    6. Vegans note: Polestar 2 uses progressive textiles that conform to vegan standards for the entire interior.

    7. Polestar 3 is currently underway and will be – surprise surprise – an SUV

    8. You’ll only be able to buy a Polestar online. Boutiques in town centres will showcase the cars for customers to look round.

    9. Subscription will be the payment method for Polestar cars. You’ll sign up for two or three years with no deposit and a fixed monthly payment.

    10. A Polestar app will offer concierge services like roof boxes and valet cleaning.

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