It's time for change with the October new moon and solar eclipse, this is what it means for your star sign

The first eclipse since spring time

new moon october 2022
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A new Moon each month is typically a time of new beginnings, but this upcoming October new Moon coincides with a partial solar eclipse, meaning even more moon magic is on the horizon. Get ready to feel transformed because eclipse season is here. 

Priscila Lima de Charbonnierés, astrologer, well-being expert and founder of astrology and wellness app Soulloop is getting us all excited for the change, “The energy of this eclipse can bring us all manner of surprises.” she reveals.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly when the October new moon will occur, and what it means for your star sign. Make sure to check out our guide to the new Moon while you’re here.

When is the October new Moon 2022?

Tuesday 25th October 2022. 

This new Moon is extra special, because it coincides with a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. 

What is the effect of the Scorpio new Moon?

A new Moon and a solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio, will bring about "hidden parts of our being that need to come to the light of consciousness".

It may sound daunting, but it is actually a time to "transform what no longer serves us and activate our inner power, especially in relationships", says Lima de Charbonnierés.

On the 25th of October, and the days surrounding it, "you may feel a certain emotional instability which, though it can be unsettling, is necessary to take you out of your comfort zone, awaken the desire to break free from manipulative relationships and regain your inner power. The moment brings a great opportunity for liberation, transformation and healing." 

Don't feel bad for cancelling any plans or keeping your phone on 'do not disturb', as "it will be natural for you to withdraw for the next three days as this energy affects our daily lives." Lima de Charbonnierés reveals. 

If you are using the time for some well-deserved rest, try journaling your dreams, as they can "reveal memories and information important for this moment of personal transformation."

new moon october 2022

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Keen to find out how the new Moon will play out for your star sign? Priscila Lima de Charbonnierés shares her wisdom.


"Expect personal transformation attained through processing memories of physical regeneration. Alongside acceptance of how relating to others and being able to give back for something you get determines how you achieve life goals, even if out of your control."


"During the partial solar eclipse, you will find or let go of partnerships that lead toward accomplishing your life goals. Processing of early memories or ancestral imprints to enable a healthier balance of self-worth in relationships."


"Expect breakthroughs and insights into what positively or negatively impacts your health. Realization of how your work and the relationships with those in your near surroundings are instrumental in achieving your life goals. Early memories of daily routine emerge and can now be understood."


"A surge of insights connects you to your creativity, sense of play, spontaneity and performing ability. Realisation of how love and bonding in your relationships support you on the path toward your life goals. Early memories of emotional openness emerge to be processed."


"Finding or letting go of a dwelling that supports you in accomplishing your personal goals. Breakthroughs in how to establish relationships that enhance your happiness and strengthen your emotional foundation. Early memories of home surface and are understood."


"Breakthroughs regarding your abilities and skilfulness. Realisation of the organising power that relationships have on your path in life and how to infuse them with emotional quality. Early experiences dealing with communication and language are now processed."


"Finding or letting go of resources or personal values that are central to your goals in life. Breakthroughs and insights into the usefulness and worth of your relationships. Early memories of emotional resourcefulness come to light and are updated."


"Insights and breakthrough regarding your identity and appearance. Deep understanding of the emotional role of relationships in your life path and for your individual goals. Early emotional memories surface and can be transformed."


"Fulfilling or letting go of self-defining wishes, dreams, or hopes. Acceptance of and surrender to the spiritual dimension of your relationships, and how it leads you to accomplish life goals. Early memories of intuitive connection to others and the universe emerge and are updated."


"Finding or letting go of friendships or organisations that enable your purpose in life. Realisation of how important relationships are to being rewarded or acknowledged by the world. On top of that, early memories of self-sufficiency or emotional independence are now understood."


"Achieving or letting go of long-term goals. Breakthroughs and insights into the supportive role of relationships in attaining personal goals. Early memories of purposefulness and determination surface to be processed."


"Breakthroughs and insights regarding spiritual and philosophical views. Realisation of the importance of relationships to the expansion of one’s goals in life. Early memories of distant travel or displacement surface and are processed."

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