You asked, we answered: what is a New Moon and what might it mean for you?

It's time to set goals and go after your dreams - big things are coming.

what is a new moon

It's time to set goals and go after your dreams - big things are coming.

By now, you've likely had at least one of your friends tell you to "blame it on the Moon" or say it's the reason everything is taking a turn for the absolute worst. So, question: what actually is the New Moon, and will it change things for the better next month?

Whether you believe in it or not, the lunar lifestyle trend has joined the shiny appeal of star signs and crystals, and I'm kind of here for it. You'll have read all about mercury retrograde season *screams* but, thanks to the good old New Moon, experts reckon there is something good coming.

Before you roll your eyes - it's not all woo-woo vibes here, I promiseFor centuries, the Moon has been used as a calendar for religious festivals and the change of seasons. Even celebs like Holly Willoughby are getting in on the lunar action (she recently launched her brand Wylde Moon, which has The Moon itself listed as the CEO).

But what does it all mean and how will it affect you? We asked Bex Milford, founder of the Moon Child Sorority, astrologer, cosmic coach and crystal healer, for all the details. Keep scrolling.

What is a new moon? Your need-to-knows

So, what actually is a New Moon?

Typically a time of new beginnings and some much-needed good energy, unlike a bright full Moon, a New Moon is a part of the lunar cycle (although, fun fact: it's the part of the cycle you can barely ever see).

Roughly once a month, a New Moon occurs. This happens when the Sun and Moon are at the same point in the sky.

"They are conjunct, aka next to one another in the cosmos," Milford explains. It happens when the Moon is closer to the Earth and gets in the way of the Sun’s rays.

So what does it mean? "That the light doesn’t reach the side of the Moon that we see from Earth, resulting in it seemingly disappearing from the night sky. Over a new Moon, you might look into the sky and assume that there’s no Moon but actually, it’s just in shadow."

Some who live by the lunar cycle use the New Moon as a reset point and a time for new beginnings.

What is a new moon

How often does a New Moon occur?

Following the lunar cycle, a New Moon occurs every 29.5 days, to be exact.

Meaning of a New Moon

Milford reveals that this time is traditionally used for setting intentions. "Because it's the beginning of a new lunar cycle, it signifies a fresh start for us all," she explains.

After weeks of Mercury retrograde, and the last three months of the year approaching, a fresh start is just what we need.

"It’s a monthly chance to realign and readjust, noticing what we want to focus on, attract, manifest, and call into our lives." Not sure how to manifest? Our guide might just help.

Astrologically, the expert goes on to share that the New Moon "harnesses the energy of the zodiac sign that it occurs in since both the Sun and Moon."

These rule our ego, identity, and emotional selves, which means the three are sharing their power in this constellation, she goes on. Not sure what that means? Basically, you should feel balanced during this time.

Effects of a New Moon

Milford helps people align with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. Using her astrology expertise, she shares how we can all harness the power of this time.

"As the Moon retreats, we are reminded of the power that comes to us when we spend time in solitude, listening to our intuition," she shares.

Intuition is simply your gut feeling. Harnessing the power of the beginning of a new cycle accentuates this energy and a focus on any intentions or goal setting.

Got your goals and intentions ready? "Intentions are situations we want to attract and call into our life via the power of changing our attention," says Bex.

"It's thought that when the darkness of night is deepened by the absence of the Moon's light, our intuition becomes even stronger. Where attention goes, energy flows," she adds.

When is the next New Moon?

Sunday 25th September marks the first New Moon of Autumn, at exactly 22:54pm.

It's time for the Libra stars to shine, as the moon lands in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of balance and justice, so you might want to set goals around a good work-life balance (hello, four day work week) and reflect on where you can find balance and harmony.

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