How to discover what your superpower is (believe it or not, we ALL have one…)

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  • They say everyone has something special. If you look at your family, friend and colleagues – who really stands out? What is it about them? We all know the people who change the energy in a room as soon as they arrive. Who can bring everyone out of a slump. Who pull in the winning idea, the large account at the last minute. The woman with the effortless sense of style. The man who seems to absorb new languages over a weekend away.

    All of us have gifts, but some have yet to be unearthed and claimed. Here’s the lowdown on how to don your tights, dust off your cape and uncover your superpower:

    1. What may not look like much to you may be extraordinary to others.

    The things we take for granted are often seen quite differently by others. I marvel at people who have the self discipline to turn up on their yoga mats every day. They marvel at me for actually enjoying public speaking. Each of us have different gifts that we may take for granted. Ask girlfriends, colleagues and partners to help you see what you don’t see.

    2. When you are in your element it feels literally effortless.

    You know you have found your superpower because quite frankly you could do it and do it and do it and still be full of beans. You know you are in the zone of your gift when what you are doing is so absorbing and thrilling that it actually gives you more energy. It could be directing a play, having a powerful conversation, making a piece of art or solving a complex problem. What is the activity that gives you the biggest buzz?

    3. Start with looking at how you want to make people feel.

    When you think about interacting with others, what gives you the biggest thrill? Do you want to inspire them, impress them, heal them, make them happy, teach them something new? There is a way that you can serve and it will emerge when you look at your self in relationship to other people.

    So what can you do to help you unlock your superpower?

    1. Ask yourself, what is it that you cannot stop doing? Surfing online for a bargain? Making people laugh? Discovering the latest nifty gadet, app, darling coffee shop? These quirks that make you who you are can be turbo-charged into superpowers.

    2. Take a look at your history. If you were telling the story of your life, what would be the key themes? Is your story romantic, adventurous, passionate, tragic? Is there high drama, or is it a well structured narrative? When we look back we can begin to get a sense of our gifts through the story we tell about our experiences. Have you overcome the odds? Found a third way? This could be a superpower others could benefit from.

    3. Imagine yourself hovering over your funeral. What would you truly like to hear people say about you? She was so… She brought… I will always remember her for… This can be a great way to bring to light what’s in your heart – what do you want to be known for? These are the keys to unlocking your gift.

    Erica Sosna is the Author of ‘Your Life Plan: How to Set Yourself on the Right Path and Take Charge of Your Life’. Visit

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