The Primark Disney Christmas range is here and we want everything

disney christmas range

Christmas is coming (just 70 days away in fact), and while we're not quite sure how the festive season will look this year one thing is for sure - we all need a bit of holiday joy in our lives, whether you want to get out the decorations to feel festive, invest in a pair of cosy pyjamas to match your dog or stock up on giant Ferrero Rochers (because why not?).

And if you're ready to start celebrating the most wonderful time of the year early, don't be put off by the naysayers - science says that you're probably a happier person.

So if you are already looking for the perfect Christmas decorations, look no further. The Primark Disney Christmas range is here to help, and what a treat it is.

Every year there are baubles galore, from sparkly Mickey Mouse hangings to cute wreaths, and you're going to want the lot.

disney christmas decorations range

Credit: Primark/Disney

Fans of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group spotted a number of themed Disney goodies, from stockings, gift tags, Disney Christmas wreaths and cosy blankets. Oh, and there are even tea towels in the range. Brilliant.

Last year as part of the Primark Disney baubles, there were Mickey Mouse heads with a Santa theme, packs with pastel hues and even a selection in the iconic red, white and black Mickey and Minnie Mouse colours. A number of the Disney Princesses also got their own decorations, from Belle to Cinderella, for the ultimate fans.

Obsessed? Same.

If you want to make sure you get your very own Disney baubles, you can head to your nearest Primark and stock up.

Merry (almost) Christmas!

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