I’ve just moved into a new home and the new Our Place Wonder Oven has been my saving grace

It’s chic *and* practical

Our Place Wonder Oven
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The air fryer craze has been unavoidable over the past few years—and it’s not slowing down in popularity anytime soon. Team MC UK has tried and tested some of the best air fryer designs out there. But, there's a new contender in town for the coveted best title: allow us to introduce the Our Place Wonder Oven.

This air fryer is, without a doubt, different from any other air fryers on the market, so if you’ve been avoiding investing in one for whatever reason, this might be the one for you. From its chic, compact design to its innovative steam function (which keeps the inside of your food moist while crisping up the outside), it’s unlike any other model I’ve seen or used before.

hand pulling a cooked chicken out of the our place wonder oven

(Image credit: Our Place)

The Wonder Oven was first released in the US last summer and sold out completely in 8 days. After waiting patiently for its UK release, it’s not only here, but at under £200 and with a new and improved model to boot, so if you’re keen on picking one up for yourself, I’d act fast.

So, what happens when your favourite kitchenware brand comes out with its version of your favourite appliance and you just so happen to have moved into a new home? I think the astrology experts would call it ‘the stars aligning’, so of course I had to try the Wonder Oven out for myself.

What were my first impressions of the new Our Place Wonder Oven? Shop it for yourself below, and read on for my honest review. Oh, and if you’re keen to upgrade your kitchen appliances and home’s aesthetic, don’t forget to check out our roundups of the best coffee machines, air fryer deals and table decor picks too.

My review of the Our Place Wonder Oven

As a style and cost-conscious shopping editor, Our Place has been on my radar for a while now. Our Place’s Always Pan is a firm favourite of mine—I genuinely use it every day, whether frying eggs or cooking pasta. And just like the rest of the brand’s products, it looks effortlessly chic and performs far beyond its price tag. I have my eye on the Perfect Pot and chic glassware and crockery too, so naturally, I’m a fan of the brand. I’ve loved everything I used, so I was excited to unwrap the Wonder Oven.

our place wonder oven in blue with cookies inside

(Image credit: Our Place)

First, let’s talk about the design and composition. The Wonder oven has a chic and compact design—I’d expect nothing less from the brand that makes some of the most stylish kitchenware.

It comes in four colours, steam, char, blue salt and spice, a combination of neutral and statement-making hues. I went for the classic Steam shade: a pale taupe colour that perfectly suits my wood and cream kitchen.

The petite but powerful design is completely different from other air fryers I’ve tried. It’s more of a compact oven with a clear door replacing the conventional air fryer baskets. Not only does it allow you to fit more food inside, but the clear window allows you to see into the oven so you can cook your food to your precise standards.

It fits neatly on my kitchen counter and the versatile design has been a complete godsend while moving into a new home, with half of my kitchen appliances still packed away in boxes.

As with all of Our Place’s products, the Wonder Oven has multiple uses—air frying, baking, roasting, grilling, reheating, and toasting.

our place wonder oven in the spice colour

(Image credit: our place)

I’ve used it for baking potatoes, cooking crispy cauliflower wings, and even roasting an entire chicken. Oh, and it’s simply brilliant for toasting day-old bread. The subtle steam function ensures the inside of your food is kept moist while the outside is deliciously crispy. Yum.

Honestly, this has become a new staple in my kitchen, and I can’t wait to try more recipes. Shop it for yourself, alongside more Our Place bestselling products below.

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