Five top tips to maximise space in your home

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  • Interiors blogger Cate St Hill shares her top tips for making the most of your space

    Let’s face it, although renting in London is finally getting cheaper, the majority of us would love to have a bigger home. But unless you’re lucky enough to have come across a money tree recently, you’re unlikely to be able to upsize any time soon. The solution? Maximise your space in the home you’ve already got.

    Making the most of your space has never been more important, especially when you consider that the average home size in the UK is now 44% smaller than 1920 (thanks, rental housing crisis). Fortunately top interiors blogger Cate St Hill has shared her top tips on maximising your space at home.

    How to maximise your space in the kitchen

    When you have a smaller kitchen (which is quite often when you’re renting), it can seem like all of your utensils and gadgets are piled on top of one another all the time. So how do you brighten up the room and make it seem more spacious?

    Cate’s top tip: Keep window treatments to a minimum

    If you’re not overlooked or worried about privacy, do away with them entirely and make the most of the natural light coming into the room. If blinds or curtains are a must for you, opt for a very discreet white roller blind that can be rolled up during the day for minimal impact to the room.

    How to maximise your space in the living room

    A cluttered, small living room doesn’t feel like a nice ‘chill’ space and can cause you to be reluctant to invite people over – not what you want for the place that’s supposed to be your home.  These top tips will help you make the most of the room and open up your living space.

    Cate’s top tip: Choose your accessories carefully

    Decorate with a few carefully accessories that are larger in scale, such as big art prints or large coffee table books, rather than lots of smaller pieces that will crowd the room and make it look cluttered.

    Cate’s top tip: Integrate your technology into the look and feel of your home

    The Sony HT-M300 Compact Sound Bar, £209 at Amazon, works as a standalone music speaker as well as a surround sound experience for your TV, meaning you don’t need lots of different speakers and wires cluttering up corners of your space. The subwoofer can also be tucked under your sofa without any loss of sound – ideal.

    How to maximise your space in the bathroom

    Bathrooms in smaller homes are often poky and dark – particularly if your landlord didn’t bless you with a nice, light matching suite.

    Cate’s top tip: Make the most of mirrors

    Use mirrors to give the illusion of more space and bounce light around the room (ideal if you have a small and dull bathroom).

    How to maximise your space in the bedroom

    There’s nothing worse than a bedroom that feels cramped uncomfortable – did you know the position of your bed could be why you’re not sleeping well? Fortunately, Cate has the answer to opening up the room and keeping clutter levels to a minimum.

    Cate’s top tip: Utilise ‘dead’ and ‘awkward spaces

    Push your furniture right up against the walls to maximise every inch of space, and raise shelving or storage units off the ground and onto the walls to make the most of your limited floor space. Use pull-out storage boxes on wheels under the bed to hide away any clutter.

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