The position of your bed could be why you aren't sleeping

It might be time to re-think your feng shui

It might be time to re-think your feng shui

Anyone who suffers from insomnia will know there's nothing worse than feeling sleep deprived.

In the quest for how to get a good night's sleep you may have tried everything from sleeping aids to sleep therapy and sleep meditation, but what if the position of your bed is actually stopping you from getting your forty winks?

Well, New York based feng shui consultant Laura Cerrano believes that's why many of us are actually suffering from seriously bad nights sleep.

Laura believes the way we arrange our furniture hugely impacts both the quality and quantity of sleep we receive, and in order to ensure you really are getting a good night's sleep it's important to make sure you leave a symmetrical patch of space on either side of your bed.

So those of you who push your bed up against a wall or have it right by the door may want to re-think your feng shui.

'Even if you could only spare an inch of space between the wall and bed, it's better than nothing. Beside that, having two side table and lamps is a great go-to general recommendation because it related to balance,' Laura told

'Sometimes the dimensions of a bedroom don't allow for this arrangement, so holding the intention of creating space is essential,' she explained.

Laura also encouraged getting rid of clutter and rubbish, limiting the number of mirrors in a bedroom and purchasing a rug in order to 'create a balance between yin (soft) and and yang (hard)' furnitures.

'An ideal layout would be to have a clear vantage point of the bedroom door from the bed, while not being 100% in alignment of the doorway,' Laura recommends.

Well, all that talk about beds has made us rather tired.

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