This new bracelet will tell you how healthy your relationship is

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  • Kinda like a high-tech, 2016 version of our old 90s mood ring, isn’t it?

    A new wearable tech product could be about to hit the market, and it promises to tell you what situations and (perhaps more importantly) who in this world is stressing you out the most.

    The WellBe bracelet records the locations and the people you visit during a day, whilst monitoring your heart rate to identify how calm, alert, or stressed you were in each scenario. Kinda like a high-tech, 2016 version of our old 90s mood ring, isn’t it?

    On the surface, it seems like something you might already be able to figure out for yourself – after all, who needs a bracelet to tell them that being in work, or anywhere near their boss, adds to their stress levels?

    But by monitoring your heart rate and looking your body’s patterns over the day, week, or month, on the bracelet’s corresponding app, you can quickly get a specific picture of what, where and who made you feel the most stressed during the day. So essentially it’s telling you how you really feel about someone.

    ‘The WellBe bracelet monitors your heart rate and uses a patent pending algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and people you meet throughout your day,’ the brand’s Kickstarter page explains. The developer was looking to gain $25,000 of funding and has already hit over $59,000.

    So if someone is having an impact on your mental health, good or bad, the bracelet will tell you, and once it’s identified your triggers, the bracelet and its coordinating app will suggest remedies for your symptoms – be that meditation, focused breathing or another calming exercise, to ‘convert your stress into calmness.’ Discover more apps that will help you de-stress, here.

    Oh and it comes in three different colours. Cute, right?

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