Sunshine keeps you healthy

Spring sunshine lifting your spirits? Well soaking up some rays could also be boosting your immune system.

Sunshine News LL
Sunshine News LL
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Spring sunshine lifting your spirits? Well soaking up some rays could also be boosting your immune system.

After a very long winter a spot of sunshine is sure to raise anyone's spirits. However it could also be boosting your immune system.

Research has shown that vitamin D, most of which is produced when our skin is exposed to sunlight, performs a vital role in activating our white blood cells that protect our bodies from infections, food poisoning and even cancer.

It has been reported on the Mail Online that this discovery could aid in the development of vaccines, and could even shed new light on illnesses brought about by immune system malfunctions, such as multiple sclerosis.

It has been well documented that vitamin D, also found in oily fish and eggs, is important for calcium absorption and bone health, but scientists had not realised the crucial role it plays in the immune system.

The vitamin activates dormant white blood cells to seek out and destroy infections, while other white blood cells allow the immune system to build a memory of this infection, enabling it tackle the infection more quickly the next time round.

So what are you waiting for girls, dig out those bikinis and soak up those rays! (In moderation, of course.)


Natalia Lubomirski
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