Skinny male mannequins raise eating disorder fears

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  • Male mannequins with 27-inch waists are making their debut in Britain, as doctors report more male patients being treated for eating disorders...

    Eating disorder campaigners have criticised a mannequin manufacturer for bringing out a super-skinny male model that they say could encourage vulnerable men to starve themselves.

A starved-looking male mannequin with a 27-inch waist, from British mannequin maker Rootstein, will make its debut in the UK next month, according to New York magazine.

    The super-skinny figure, dubbed the ‘Homme Nouveau,’ with a 35-inch chest is designed to look great in clothes, but has raised fears of eating disorders among men.

    Eating disorder campaigners say the mannequins portray an unrealistic body image – the 27in waist is 11in smaller than the average British man.

    The company says the mannequins were modelled on teenage boys who were not anorexic, but were perfect for modelling the skinny jeans and slim tailoring made popular by stars such as Russell Brand. But eating disorder charity Beat said more men were suffering from anorexia and bulimia, and that the mannequins portrayed an unrealistic and unattainable image.

    It said: ‘We are certainly aware of more males seeking help for their eating problems and it is recognised that they are more likely to develop an eating disorder as a result of trying to achieve a certain body shape and size.

    ‘Men nowadays are subject to the same insecurities around their body and self-image as women are. Unrealistic images in the fashion world – such as these mannequins – and in the media still abound and the pressures they bring can lead to low self-esteem in often young and vulnerable people.’


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