This is why you shouldn’t share a bed with your partner

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  • Maybe separate beds is the way to go?

    Feeling sleep deprived? It may be time for you to kick your partner out of bed. New research from the University of Leeds has revealed that sleeping in the same bed as your partner could be damaging your health.

    Researchers have found that the effects of losing sleep because of your partner’s sleeping habits – whether they snore or stay up late watching TV in bed – don’t stop at simply feeling tired and irritable. Not only does sleep deprivation have the same effects as being drunk, not getting enough sleep because of your partner is also linked to an array of health problems, including depression, heart attacks and even suffering a stroke.

    Couples are also more likely to divorce if one partner is disrupting the other’s sleep.

    ‘Almost a third of Brits say they can’t get a good night’s sleep because they are disturbed by their partner,’ sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan from Silentnight told Metro.

    ‘So for many people it’s clear that sleeping in separate rooms might make for a better more restful sleep.’

    If sleeping in separate beds just isn’t for you, there are some things that you can do to try and work around your partner’s different sleeping habits. Sleep expert Guy Meadows says that the key is to have a bedtime routine in place that works for both people in the relationship.

    ‘Whilst some people like to read a book, others love to watch TV. Compromise is the key and so find a routine that works for both parties. If that doesn’t work, it may be a case of using ear plugs and eye masks to block out any unwanted noise and light.’

    So, next time your partner is snoring, hogging the duvet or tossing and turning a bit TOO much in the night, we guess that you’re well within your rights to turf them out of the bed.

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