This is the time most British couples are having sex

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  • UK couples are most likely to be having sex just before Match of the Day

    In utterly tragic news the exact time the majority of British couples are getting it on between the sheets has been revealed. And guess what gals? It coincides with Match of the Day.

    Yes. Yes, it does.

    If you ever needed an excuse to throw away your television, surely this is it.

    A new survey by of 1,000 married Brits by found that 10:24pm on a Saturday (aka six minutes before MOTD starts) is the most popular time for sex.

    However, there’s a little disparity between when we want to have sex and when we actually get round to doing it, with the majority of us feeling frisky at precisely 5:35pm on a Saturday.

    Almost half (42%) of those surveyed said Saturday was the most common day of the week to have sex with their partner, followed by Sunday (26%) and then Friday (22%).

    Despite its name, Hump Day (commonly referred to as Wednesday), is not a particularly popular day to partake in sexual relations, with just 4% of participants citing it as their most likely day to get physical.

    The survey also found that around half of UK couples are so busy they quite literally have to allocate time in their week to have sex.

    In time like this all we can ask is **WWCD?

    **What would Carrie do?

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