Nintendo Wii Fit: Does it really work?

After all the hype and sell-out success across the country, can the Nintendo Wii Fit really replace your gym membership?

Marie Claire Reviews: Nintendo Wii - yoga
Marie Claire Reviews: Nintendo Wii - yoga

After all the hype and sell-out success across the country, can the Nintendo Wii Fit really replace your gym membership?

First up, I have a confession to make: my Nintendo Wii sat in its box for over a month before I finally got round to trying it out.

I'd love to blame a busy social schedule, but in reality I couldn't quite bring myself to work out all the wires and plugs (anything remotely technological brings me out in a rash). Of course, when I finally did get it out of the box, the installation guide had been written for dummies (that'd be me then) and took less time than it usually does for me to choose what to eat for dinner.

There has been much made about the Wii Fit after sell-out success across the country when it went on sale, but the question everyone has been asking me since is, very simply, 'Does it really work?'

Well, I can't vouch for the exact pertness of my posterior, but as someone who has been trying to fulfil my New Year's resolution to join a yoga class since, well, January, and failing miserably it's been the perfect, no-excuses-accepted way to force me to do some exercise.

I don't think it would ever replace a good old-fashioned run (not that I've been doing any of those either recently), because although there is a jogging option, running on the spot for longer than about 30 seconds doesn't feel quite natural, however, for general toning, I'm definitely a fan.

There are also plenty of options on offer to ensure you don't get bored - and with your fitness levels constantly recorded, plenty of incentives to keep using it.

The other added bonus is how many friends it automatically adds to your circle! Since it became common knowledge I had some secreted in the living room of my flat all sorts of people have been offering to pop round - and suddenly Wii Yoga has replaced Pinot Grigio and gossip as the Thursday evening entertainment of choice.

For more on the Nintendo Wii, visit or, to buy your own online, click here.

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