This red wine news has turned our world upside down

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  • You've been drinking it wrong your whole life

    Thought red wine was meant to be served at room temperature? Been keeping your malbec in a humble wine rack your whole life? Oh, how very naive…

    A leading wine expert just threw into disarray everything we thought we knew about red wine by telling us it should be kept in the fridge.

    That’s right, editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson has revealed that, contrary to what we have always thought, red wine should actually be chilled.

    But why? Apparently it’s all to do with keeping the wine fresh and tasting good once it’s been opened. Speaking at the Hay Festival, Robinson said: ‘Put any open bottle in the fridge. Even red wine.’

    ‘Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions including oxidation, which is the enemy of an open bottle,’ she claimed,
    meaning open bottles of wine kept in the fridge will last longer and keep their flavour.

    She didn’t stop there, though. Robinson went on to claim we’ve been drinking WHITE WINE wrong too.

    ‘Once you get a full-bodied, oaked white, like a mature white burgundy, you really want it at the same temperature as a light-bodied red.’

    So white wine at room temperature and red in the fridge?

    Mind officially blown.

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