#FitnessFriday: Top Health And Fitness Tips From Anya Lahiri, Master Trainer At Barry’s Bootcamp

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  • To celebrate the launch of Twitter's #FitnessFriday, we spoke to master trainer at Barry's Bootcamp Anya Lahiri to get her top tips on keeping fit and staying motivated

    Twitter has just launched #FitnessFriday and everyone from Sir Richard Branson to Madeleine Shaw is getting involved. By using the hashtag #FitnessFriday, Twitter users can find out top tips from their favourite fitness experts, watch exclusive fitness sessions via Periscope, share their own health and fitness tips and generally keep each other motivated.

    Other health and fitness pros getting behind the hashtag include Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach, Psycle London, Barry’s Bootcamp, Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw.

    Anya Lahiri, master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp says, ‘It’s such a big platform for personal trainers because clients have so many questions they want to ask you and don’t have time to during class so now I’m very active on Twitter and Instagram.’

    So to get the lowdown on how using social media might actually boost your workout, we spoke to Anya to get her top health and fitness tips…

    Make time to exercise

    ‘I came out of teaching a class today and I was going to go and work out, but then I thought, ‘Oh I can’t, I don’t really have time.’ But I did have time, I had half an hour – which is better than no time at all. And there are so many fitness videos online that you can do at home, or even pop into the loo at work and do. There’s always time to exercise.’

    Healthy meals don’t need to equal hours in the kitchen

    ‘I’m the queen of quick, healthy meals because I get in from work late and want to eat something there and then, so I make sure I think about what I want first. I don’t eat meat, but salmon is so quick to just throw in the oven with some vegetables. And there’s things like sweet potato, stir fry veg and tuna. My favourite is prawn tagine – prawns, tomatoes, cumin and then couscous or quinoa. That’s really quick, and really healthy.’

    Use apps to track your progress

    ‘The Nike running app is great because I run all the time and it’s a good way of tracking your progress. And they have a training app too, which is good if you don’t have time to go to classes because you can choose what type of exercise you want to do and how long for.’

    Follow other health and fitness accounts on Twitter/Instagram for inspo

    ‘I love Fitness on Toast, she’s amazing at what she does and is always off doing glamorous things. I really admire a lot of the yogis on Twitter because I can run and I can lift and do all of this stuff, but I cannot do yoga. I’m strong but if you make me try and bend myself in different directions, I can’t do that – but I really aspire to.’

    ‘I also love to see clients on social media because I love seeing their achievements – perhaps a weight loss or a race that they’ve been doing. One client recently did 24 hours of burpees for Cancer Research! And we have one client who now represents Great Britain for the triathlon. They’re just normal people that through fitness have done amazing things.’


    Image Credit: Anya Lahiri


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