Fish oil supplements could prevent 10,000 deaths a year

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  • Fish oil supplements could help prevent the deaths of patients with heart failure

    Recent studies suggest that people who take fish oil supplements are more likely to live longer due to the presence of omega 3.

    And it does just end with fish. Soya beans, pumpkin seeds and even walnuts have the ability to save one in ten patients from heart failure. It is thought to help regulate the heart with its anti-inflammatory action.

    Professor Martin Cowie, who recently spoke on the subject at the European Society at Stockholm, said: ‘If 500,000 patients took regular supplements, it could save 10,000 lives a year.’

    It has become such a phenomenon that International guidelines are being rewritten to advise patients with heart failure to take a daily dose of the supplement to lead a healthier life.

    The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is even recommending these supplements on the NHS to prevent further heart attacks.

    The message is simple: If you want to look healthier and live longer, take an omega supplement today.


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