Easy Summer Eating Plan: Final Tips

Easy tips to help you make the most of our summer eating plan

If you want to follow this plan all year round, here are some more helpful tips:

Use this plan all season long simply by swapping meals between days to create new menus.

Or make the recipes vegetarian by swopping the protein options:

Replace the prawns on day one with tofu and 1oz walnuts

Replace the sea bass with Quorn or a nut cutlet on day two

Replace the chicken with feta cheese or hummus on day three

Replace the chicken breast with cubed tofu and stir fry rather than bake for day five

Alternatively, you can re-invent the recipes:

Sauté scallops with fresh pineapple for your dinner on day one

Substitute chicken for sea bass on day two

Make your peach melba with fresh plums

Mix different fresh veggies into your stir fry

Whip up the smoothie with other fresh fruits or grab a bag of frozen fruit of the forest from the freezer section of your supermarket

Finally, make sure you drink water throughout the day. During the afternoon have a small glass of fruit juice diluted with water; this assists the absorption of the fluid and improves the rate of hydrating the body.

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