This summer’s best new work outs to know about (including sweating in the dark)

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    As we’ve already discussed recently, your body is not a temple. But it is your home. And while sometimes you want your home to be comfy and soft, there are other times when you feel the need to move it around, and there are times when you might want to make it strong. You might even want it to touch its toes (OK, the analogy might not work quite so well in that context).

    That’s where summer comes in. Sure, you don’t need to work out to ‘look good’ during the sunny season (trust us – you look ace just as you are), but if you do want to burn off some steam and break a sweat, then it’s definitely easier to find the motivation when it’s not raining outside.

    Which is why we’ve rounded up the best new work outs to make you fitter, stronger and faster over the next few months.

    Fitness First

    The problem with spinning isn’t the actual process of spinning itself – we all know that the bike actually propels your feet forward more than your PT is going to let on. Oh no, the real issue is the fact that it makes every square inch of your skin sweat, including your scalp, your ankles, and the back of your hands. In other words, it’s the least attractive activity since somebody sprayed a children’s assault course with water and called it Tough Mudder. So the recent development of the Glow work out over at Fitness First is long overdue. It’s still spinning – it’s just in the dark. With glowing weights. And UV lights. Meaning that the only things people will be able to see will be your teeth.

    Which, conveniently, are the only part of your body that won’t be covered in sweat.


    As a general rule, if you ever needed to motivate yourself to work out, just think zombie apocalypse. And if brain-eating monsters don’t do it for you, think bear attack. Yep, if we learned anything from GCSE biology, it’s that the fitter you are, the better your chance of survival (thanks Darwin). Which is why this new work out with Bear Grylls’ personal trainer Natalie Summers is such a big deal. Sure, the exercises might not be specifically targeted towards life in the wild, but they are created with functional, practical fitness in mind, which could actually benefit you during the day-to-day. Rather than, well, lacrosse. Or curling.
    Virgin Active

    We’ve already broken down the pros and cons of spinning for you, so let’s skip past that bit. The thing about THIS spinning class is that it’s all about winning. And winning is always fun. As soon as you hop into your spinning saddle, you’re assigned a team (pink, blue, or yellow – and no, it has nothing to do with gender), then as you pedal forwards, so you’ll see your colour move forward on the screen at the front of the class, too. There’s no humiliation factor (besides all that aforementioned sweat, that is) – nobody can tell who is who specifically – but there is the pressure of seeing your competing teams’ performance, and the overriding (riding!) desire to keep your team at the front of (wait for it) The Pack. Trust us when we say this is one for type-A personalities who hate to fail.


    Everyone is obsessed with Kayla. Her short-burst cardio workouts and nutritional guidelines are easypeasy – and all available with the simple downloading of an app. With her 24-week training guide split into two separate 12-week programmes, it’s hard work without being totally impossible (always a plus)/ And as if that wasn’t enough, the app also gives users the unique opportunity to share their success stories, creating a genuine community of like-minded exercise-fans. Think Facebook, just with more sweat. Lovely.

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