Do You Suffer From Anxiety? Then, According To Science, You're More Intelligent

We knew there had to be an upside...

We knew there had to be an upside...

Those of us who suffer from anxiety will know that it's never fun: your mind is constantly racing, you feel like the worrying never stops and there seem to be absolutely no benefits whatsoever - until now.

According to a new video created by The Science Of Us, the fact that you're constantly plagued by worry and doubt can have its benefits: by making you more intelligent.

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It quotes studies in 2012 and 2014, which show respectively that there is a strong correlation between anxiety and verbal intelligence, and that those with anxiety disorder tend to have higher IQs.

The reasons for this are threefold. The video explains that one reason is because intelligent people have a strong memory for detail, and end up obsessing not only over their past mistakes, but also worrying about future calamities.

There's also the rather scientific-sounding explanation of white matter. People who suffer from anxiety tend to have more white matter, with the result being faster mental processes.

And let's not forget the evolutionary theory: according to some scientific thought, anxious people are more likely to form plans for the future, helping them and their future kids survive.

The message is clear: you don't have to worry too much about the fact you worry too much. While dealing with anxiety is never an enjoyable part of anyone's day, at least it means you're smart, huh?

Watch the eye-opening video below...

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