Anti-aging cream 'doesn't reduce wrinkles'

Makers of RoC anti-wrinkle cream ordered to scrap 'misleading' adverts

Marie Claire Health News: RoC Complete Lift
Marie Claire Health News: RoC Complete Lift

Makers of RoC anti-wrinkle cream ordered to scrap 'misleading' adverts

The maker of one of Britain’s best-selling anti-wrinkle creams has been ordered to scrap its ‘misleading’ adverts.

Advertising watchdogs ruled that there is no evidence that the RoC Complete Lift cream reduced wrinkles.

They ordered its makers Johnson & Johnson to remove the newspaper advert which claimed the product has a ‘cumulative and lasting lifting effect’.

The Advertising Standards Authority also ordered the company not to repeat the claims.

The advert ruled against featured a model holding a tub of the cream and a tape measure, alongside the line: ‘Measurable lift in just eight weeks.’

It also claimed that a patented ingredient in the £18 cream called THPE was ‘clinically proven to work in just eight weeks of use’.

Johnson & Johnson insisted that its claims were supported by an eight-week clinical trial on women aged 45 to 65.

But after investigating the claims, the authority said they were unproven. ‘We concluded the ad was misleading,’ a spokesman said.

In the past two years the authority has ruled against adverts for creams made by Avon, Nivea, Clarins and the Body Shop.

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