Get ready for a breakthrough! Your horoscope for the November Full Moon Lunar eclipse this week

The last eclipse of 2022 is on the horizon this week

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It's that time of the month again - the November full moon is fast approaching this week and it is a lunar eclipse to look out for. Remember the new Moon and solar eclipse last month? It started the eclipse season which is all about transformation. Now with the November full moon and eclipse on the way, expect big breakthroughs this week.

If you've been feeling exhausted, finding yourself in the middle of arguments, or just generally out of sorts, the eclipse season over the past two weeks may be to blame, but things are looking up because it is very nearly over!

Astrologer and life coach Priscila de Charbonnieres, the founder of the wellness and astrology app SOULLOOP, is back to give us all the details on what to expect for the November full moon and the last eclipse of 2022.

When is the November full Moon and Lunar Eclipse?

November's full moon will peak on Tuesday 8th November 2022 at 11:02am.

What is the spiritual meaning of the November full Moon?

Have you been noticing changes since October 25th? Well, it might all be down to Tuesday's eclipse.

"Occurring alongside the North Node in Taurus, it shines a light on new ways to approach our values. We will feel the need to look within, leaving our comfort zone so we can head toward new beginnings. These breakthroughs call for a realignment of values with a greater purpose."

From now and throughout the six months following, "transformative emotional cycles are activated."

The power of the lunar eclipse will bring about "intense energetic abundance that can lead to emotional clarity. Some doors will close, so others can open."

What is a Lunar eclipse?

"During a lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the Sun’s rays and stopping the Moon from emitting its reflective light." de Charbonnieres explains. 

The lunar eclipse is "a time to look at our own shadows and emotional issues, letting go of those which no longer serve us and transforming our negative emotions into positive ones."

Already thinking of an ex or emotionally draining friend to let go of? Now is the time, because the full Moon eclipse is taking place alongside the North Node. 

So, "it stimulates our potential to transform in order to carry out our soul mission."

Make sure to take time to meditate and reflect on what comes up during this time, as "the insights we have as the eclipse occurs and in the days ahead reorient our ambition and impetus, rekindling our aspirations." Now that's something to get behind.

"The energy of this lunar eclipse specifically impacts power dynamics in relationships and you are motivated to build awareness in this area, with breakthroughs following over the next six months.

Ask yourself: Are my relationships balanced? Do I feel truly valued within them? Which of my recurring behavioural patterns are outdated?"

Wondering what it means for your star sign? Keep scrolling as Priscila de Charbonnieres shares exactly what's in store for each sign.


"Breakthroughs and creative innovation in the way you invest and use your resources and personal values gain importance in the accomplishment of your life goals. You feel ambitious and seek originality to generate material stability, comfort and security, and try new experiences to increase your prosperity."


"Your own identity becomes more relevant to achieving your life goals. Breakthroughs in individual expression and innovation, and changes in your personal appearance, are motivating forces now and can enliven your uniqueness with original results."


"Your insights and breakthroughs are oriented towards understanding and letting go of life goals that are overdue or that have already been completed. You free yourself for a fresh cycle of accomplishments and apply your learnings with renewed ambition, seeking originality and the new."


"Changes and breakthroughs in the way you give yourself to groups or friendships now support your life goals. The acknowledgment you receive from others and the world fuels your ambition, and you feel comfortable being original and embracing your uniqueness."


"Your creative ability is focused on your career, and you concentrate your ambition and originality on long-term goals you can now approach in a unique way. It is possible that the courage to step forward into uncharted terrain will bring you professional or personal recognition."


"Deep changes and insights guide you in your self-discovery process. You realize that your perspective on life is now central to your life goals and you learn how it gives rise to your uniqueness."


"Insights provided by your personal transformation, and breakthroughs about your regenerative ability, support you in your life goals and aspirations. You understand that your uniqueness lies in your inner power."


"Changes and breakthroughs in your personal and professional partnerships, and insights into your ability to engage, share and exchange with others, are now central to your aspirations and life goals. You realise your uniqueness through your connection to others."


"You direct your creative and innovative capacity towards work, which now stimulates your ambition, and supports your life goals and individual aspirations. Changes and breakthroughs in this area lead you to your uniqueness."


"Your creativity is heightened with the ambition to advance into uncharted terrain. Your sense of risk, fun and passion for life support you in your originality, and you feel this brings your life goals and aspirations in closer reach."


"Changes and breakthroughs about your sense of belonging, emotional and psychological foundations, biological or chosen family, or home are now key to achieving your life goals. You seek new ways of bonding and feel you can assert your uniqueness in this way."


"Insights and breakthroughs about how to communicate and relate to your nearest surroundings prove to be important for your life goals now. You are likely to find new ways to direct your natural empathy that spark your creativity and originality."

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