Lidl's Yorkshire pudding wrap will solve all your Sunday roast woes and it's only £8

It serves six people. SIX.

yorkshire pudding wrap

It serves six people. SIX.

The moment we saw a bunch of viral videos on Facebook about a Yorkshire Pudding burrito, we were instantly sold. Then, we were instantly depressed when I realised the street food team - The York Roast Co - don’t have a London location and we’d probably never get to try one. It was a total roller coaster of emotion, but today we’re on the way back up. It turns out that Lidl’s just launched the own take on the cult culinary delight with a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap hitting shelves this holiday season. And we’re suddenly very hungry.

The treat is basically a massive Sunday roast in one, with not one but four different kinds of meat stuffed into a massive Yorkshire pudding. We’re convinced it’s the best sandwich/burrito/wrap of all time and we’re also quite frankly surprised they managed to fit everything in there.

Lidl Deluxe Festive Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

yorkshire pudding wrap

Priced at £7.99, available in store only

It’s part of Lidl’s Deluxe range and as such they’ve really splashed out, as it includes turkey, chipolata sausages, gammon, pork and sage and onion stuffing. (We’re going into a food coma just thinking about it.) They’ve also recommended that you drizzle a ton of gravy over the top and if you’ve already committed to the wrap, you might as well.

You’re going to want to enlist some family or pals to help you take on this beast, as it serves six people. It’s a great shout if you want to impress, aren’t very good at cooking and you’re working with a budget as it costs just £7.99. Beats going to the pub for a £15 meal TBH.

If you want to snag one of your own, it’s currently available at Lidl nationwide - but you’re going to want to move fast. We have a feeling loads of people would much prefer to grab one of these, rather than facing the task of brining a Christmas turkey...

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