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The best breakfast delivery services to make your weekend lie-in even better

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  • Let us guide you through our all-time favourite breakfast delivery options....

    Do we really need breakfast? Yes – so say the nutritionists – and maybe if we permanently lived in a hotel, we’d be more inclined to eat it. Well, here are our favourite places that will physically bring breakfast to your bed.

    1. Breakfast in bed

    Best for: A nutritious, delicious start

    If you’re like me and prefer to have breakfast in your own bed than down the road in an over-crowded café then Breakfast in bed is your answer. They have everything you usually see on a breakfast menu –bacon butties, smoked salmon bagels, granola pots and yoghurt (with the all important gluten and diary-free options). It’s a small business owned by two friends and prides itself on offering hearty, honest British food using organic or sustainably sourced ingredients wherever possible. They promise to deliver to you within 25 minutes on their tres chic white Vespa. Sounds like the perfect lazy Sunday to us – gets our vote!

    Minimum order: unlike the others there is no minimum order!

    best breakfast delivery Breakfast in Bed

    Breakfast in bed never looked so good!

    2. The Natural Kitchen

    Best for: Treating someone

    Give the gift of food and make someone’s morning with a breakfast package picked lovingly from The Natural Kitchen’s Delicatessen & Artisan food store. The Natural Kitchen offer personal shopping experiences, a bespoke bakery decoration service and also cater for special events so they’re experts in creating special breakfast selections. As part of the delivery service they can offer hot drinks and juices, bagels, pastries, muffins, croissants and rolls, all in miniature.Minimum order: £50

    3. Tossed

    Best for: A team treat

    It’s surprising how much a mid-morning snack will help a team gain momentum. Gather the troops for a platter-based snack from Tossed, a healthy eating food chain popping up all over the UK. Engage concentration with slow releasing sugars in porridge and pump up the brain with some berry-filled smoothies to provide a thoroughly satisfying team-boosting breakfast.

    Minimum order: £25

    best breakfast delivery The Villandry

    The Villandry know how to spoil someone

    4. The Villandry 

    Best for: Romantic breakfast in bed

    With The Villandry you’ll get restaurant-quality food at home. There may have been more than one morning in your memory bank when all you want to do was stay in bed with the person laying next you. You’re hungry, it’s early and you’re feeling lazy, but a greasy takeaway is last thing you want to snuggle up to. Send for a pain au chocolate, a grape platter and a smoked salmon and cream cheese brioche, so that the only reason you have to get out of bed is to answer the front door.

    Minimum order: £40

    5.Le Pain Quotidien

    Best for: Lovers of bread

    Originally from Brussels, Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ) specialises in baking organic stone-ground bread and buttery pastries so that you can simply pretend you’ve been slaving away on a Saturday morning bakery bender. Delicious.

    Minimum order: £35

    6. Pod

    Best for: Dieters

    It may seem like an easy slimming trick to cut out the first meal of the day but missing breakfast has been more regularly associated with weight gain. ‘Pod’ people are health enthusiasts pioneering a healthy breakfast alternative using fresh seasonal food. Lucky for us, they’re now bringing their healthy dishes, like the Rainbow Platter which offers a great combination of super foods and booster bars, to us.

    Minimum order: £25

    We want to be as hot as Jennifer Aniston: Her personal yoga teacher tells us how

    bets breakfast delivery Pod

    Pod will keep it simple, fresh and healthy for you

    7. TheBreakfast Company

    Best For: A Hangover

    For those of you who might have had one toomany glasses of vino, and are in desperate need of a carb overload to get thoseenergy levels up; look no further.. You can get a traditional fried breakfastwith all the extras without having to lift a finger. Dragging yourself from bedto the front door is the only energy used up on this god send.

    Minimum order: £10

    Low-fat chocolate: Have all our dreams finally come true?

    8. Beani Bar

    Best For: Feeding the family

    Start your day right with these breakfastplatters. Perfect for those lazy weekends where the last thing on your mind is feeding anybody else, let alone yourself. Choose from hot or cold platters withpastries and bitesize mini muffins. If these don’t tickle your fancy why not gofor a bagel selection or a trusty old bacon buttie. We’re pretty sure you won’tbe getting any complaints.

    Minimum order: £30

    9. EAT

    Best for: A breakfast meeting

    Indeed, a room full of hungry bosses is akin to entering the lion’s den. Lay on a selection of bakery treats and meaty baguettes – throw in some muffins to keep ’em sweet – and you’re already better prepared for the morning meeting than you thought. EAT will deliver a range of platters straight to the office, featuring familiar foods from their in-store menus made fresh on the day and available to unpack in ready prepared plastic platters. It’s the no stress way to cater so early in the morning.

    Minimum order: £25

    10. Graze

    Best for: On the go

    Graze – if you haven’t already heard – is a big business initiative delivering healthy snacks in bitesize boxes to target our inbetween meal cravings. We’re particularly excited that Graze has taken on ‘breakfast boxes’ as a new venture and, while customers will currently need an invitation code to enjoy the treat, they will soon be able to order eight different types of porridge to their door for on-the-go breakfast in a box.

    Minimum order: n/a

    bets breakfast in bed Graze

    Porridge courtesy of Graze

    Now that’s what we call breakfast inspiration.

    Talk about breakfast in bed goals…

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