These vodka cocktail recipes will get you through the festive season

All of our Christmas parties have just been saved…

With Christmas drinks party season in full swing, finding a new cocktail to serve up is almost impossible.

Mulled wine? Been done. Sloe gin? We can’t take the hangovers. And don’t even get us started on Brandy!

Luckily our friends at Russian Standard Vodka have provided us with a solution, treating us to some vodka cocktail recipes to get us through the festive season – and seeing as their Russian Standard Gold won Silver at this year’s Grocer Awards, we definitely trust them with our drinks menu.

Here are some of the most spectacular Christmas cocktails

Russian Velvet recipe

37ml Russian Standard Gold Vodka
1/2 a fresh passionfruit
Juice of 3/4 of a fresh lemon
10ml sugar syrup
35ml quality passionfruit juice
White of half an egg
12.5ml Passoa Liqueur
Cubed ice

Shake all ingredients excluding Passoa before straining over fresh ice. Float Passoa then garnish with mint and serve.

Russian Standard Vodka

Holidays in Acapulco cocktail. Credit: Double Dutch.

Holidays in Acapulco recipe

50ml Russian Standard Gold Vodka
10ml Campari
15ml lime juice
A pinch of salt
100ml Double Dutch pomegranate & basil

Place all ingredients in the glass along with the ice. Pull together with a bar spoon before garnishing and serve.

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Mule. Credit: Russian Standard Vodka.

Russian Mule recipe

50ml Russian Standard Gold Vodka
Half a fresh lime
100ml Double Dutch ginger beer
Cubed ice

Squeeze two lime wedges into the bottom of the mug then fill to the brim with cubed ice. Pour the Russian Standard Gold over the ice then add Double Dutch ginger beer. Squeeze one more lime wedge on top and discard before placing one un-squeezed wedge above the handle.

Russian Standard Vodka

You look better in a bikini Credit: Double Dutch.

You look better in a bikini


50ml Russian Standard Gold Vodka
15ml lemon tea syrup
100ml Double Dutch cucumber and watermelon


Place all ingredients in the glass along with the ice. Pull together with a bar spoon before garnishing and serve.


If cocktail making isn’t for you – don’t panic!

Russian Standard Vodka are launching an exciting pop up ice bar just in time for Christmas and New Years so you can still have the opportunity to taste the perfect Russian Mule – just minus the hard work!

Inspired by the Ice Hotel, the pop up will be erected in London’s Babble City, set to run from 23rd December – 1st January.

Happy cocktail making!

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