Nutella pasta is now a thing and we’re here for it

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  • Bring us the recipe.

    As someone who only recently grew out of a tree nut allergy, I’m fairly new to the Nutella game (I know, a life without Nutella. Imagine). But these days I’m just as obsessed with it as everyone else.

    However, despite my new found love for the spreadable hazelnut goodness, I can’t say I’ve gone as far as to try Nutella as a beauty treatment or combine it with pasta – another of my life’s biggest loves. But that’s exactly what some genius, Nutella-loving chefs have just done.

    Said chefs are pairing the two in a pasta dish that sounds like heaven; pasta in a Nutella sauce with Frangelico, sprinkled with white chocolate, raspberries, almonds and mint. Divine.

    The downside is that the restaurant is in Australia, so we aren’t able to dine out on it just yet. But if fate is kind a UK-based restaurateur will see this and fill the Nutella pasta void in all our lives.

    Italian restaurant Carosello, in Victoria, will be serving up the dish between the 24th and 29th of October, in honour of World Pasta day on the 25th.

    Meanwhile Tella Balls Dessert Bar has two branches near Sydney that also serve up chocolatey-nutty-pasta heaven.

    We can’t help thinking we wouldn’t be able to create anything as delicious as the dish above. Is it too much to fly all the way over to Aus just to try it out?

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