Why you need to Dingle All The Way down to The Bloomsbury this Christmas...

** Please drink responsibly, and don't drive home for Christmas after indulging in a few of these...**

** Please drink responsibly, and don't drive home for Christmas after indulging in a few of these...**

We love a Christmas tipple here at MC and when we heard about the new festive cocktail offering at The Bloomsbury Club Bar this year, snappily called Dingle All The Way (and featuring spirits from the award-winning Dingle Distillery in Ireland), we knew we had to get down to see what all the fuss was about.

With options including the ‘All I Want For Christmas’, a hot cocktail with a mix of coffee, Dingle whisky and nutmeg (£12), ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, a warming gin-based drink blended with spiced pear flavours (£12) and ‘The Dinge Jingle’, a mixture of gin, grapefruit and aroma of pine (our pick!) (£12) even The Grinch among your friendship group will be impressed.

We sent several staffers down to try out the menu. Read on for the verdicts...

Sunil Makan, Associate Editor

"Before I get started on the food and drink, let me start by saying this is my new favourite place to go for drinks in London. I felt like I was on holiday in my own city. It was LOVELY.

Now, onto the Christmas menu… my go-to cocktail is a dirty martini so when I saw the 'The Dingle Jingle' on the menu, I knew I just had to try it. The addition of the pine not only adds a seriously festive touch but makes this just the right side of Christmassy.

Maybe it was the Mariah Carey reference but I couldn’t resist trying out the 'All I Want For Christmas', too. It was like a creamy and chocolatey pudding in a glass. Big, nay, HUGE thumbs up.

As for the nibbles, I’m somewhat of a sausage roll connoisseur (self prescribed, of course) and can often be found waxing lyrical about all the establishments that serve the best in central London. Well, I’ve recently been adding The Bloomsbury Hotel to the list, boy, these are DIVINE.

Holly Rains, Digital Editor

"To be perfectly honest, I was feeling particularly festive on the evening of our drinks, not even Wham! could get me in the mood. However, after a few minutes sat inside the supremely cosy, super chic Bloomsbury Bar, I was more than on my way to getting that much sought after Christmas cheer.

The epic Christmas tree helped, as did the x2 servings (I say servings, for this drink is more like a cocktail x pudding hybrid) of the 'All I Want For Christmas' tipple. Featuring warm coffee, whisky and nutmeg, I highly recommend this drink to enlighten your inner Scrooge. Seriously, if this place doesn't leave you feeling festive, nothing will..."

Alice Watt, Freelance Writer

"Both cosy and luxurious, The Bloomsbury Bar is otherwise known as the perfect spot to rest weary/cold feet after a Xmas shopping spree on Oxford Street. The drinks, as can be expected from plush surroundings, were truly divine. If you’re looking for trad mulled wine or a mediocre Irish whiskey, this isn’t the place to head. Here you can expect to find cute crystal glasses filled with experimental infusions that pack a punch with flavour, and ahem, booze. Plus, there’s a delish tasting menu to complement them."

Penny Goldstone, Digital Fashion Editor "Any drink with a bit of Nordic fir in it is A-OK for me. What a treat! And the take on the Irish Whiskey has me begging for the recipe. Dangerous and delicious."

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