The Last McDonald's Burger In Iceland Has Its Very Own Live Stream

This burger is kind of a big deal

McDonalds last burger

This burger is kind of a big deal

The day before McDonald's shut down their only three Icelandic branches in 2009, local man Hjorter Smarason did what any logical human being would do – he bought one last cheeseburger from his local Maccy’s to keep as a memento.

In a show of extraordinary willpower, he kept the burger and a portion of chips on his garage shelf to remember the good times. Rather than bidding the fast food chain a fond farewell by eating several Big Macs - which is what anyone else would do, right?

Three years later, Smarason went back and opened up the burger wrapper to find that it still looked the exact same. It hadn’t decomposed in the slightest. Unnerved by this turn of events, he decided to donate it to the national museum, and after a year in storage, the burger was put on display at Bus Hostel Reykjavik.

The hostel then introduced a live stream of the burger's daily life, which is actually a lot more exciting than you might think. They often bring it out on day trips to see the sights of Reykjavik and keep track of its adventures on their Instagram page.

If you want to see how the burger is doing you can watch the live stream here. The six-year-old burger looks pretty much the same as it did back in 2009, and the hostel says, ‘You might have to be patient though to see any changes. Chances are that this is the most boring, uneventful web cam on the planet.’

Image: bushostel Instagram

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