6 of our favourite Halloween cocktail recipes

The perfect Halloween cocktails to make, drink and post on your Instagram feeds…

Halloween cocktails
Halloween cocktails

The perfect Halloween cocktails to make, drink and post on your Instagram feeds…

No matter how you’re choosing to celebrate Halloween this year: drinks on the town, hosting a party or even a night in for a horror film marathon – nothing makes an occasion more festive than a Halloween cocktail.

Here are some of our top favourite serves from the very best bars to get you in the Halloween spirit and give you some cocktail inspiration…

Crazy eye cocktail

Crazy eye cocktail

1. CASA CRAZY EYE Recipe by Casamigos Blanco

Ingredients: 40ml Casamigos Blanco 56ml lychee liqueur 7ml fresh lemon juice 4 basil leaves Agave nectar Luxardo cherries lychee For rim: salt, sugar, or oreo cookie crumbs

Method: Combine all ingredients into tin shaker. Mix in the herbs and ice and shake vigorously for 12-15 seconds. Finely strain into a small martini glass. To garnish, put a Luxardo cherry inside a lychee ball on a skewer. For the rim, wet the rim of the glass with a lime wedge and agave nectar and roll the rim through your choice of salt, sugar or oreo crumbs.


2. HALLOWEEN FREAKSHAKE Recipe by Baileys Pumpkin Spice

Ingredients: 115ml vanilla ice cream 100ml Baileys Pumpkin Spice 50ml double cream 15ml maple syrup whipped cream caramel sauce 1 pumpkin pie crushed wafer sprinkles

Method: Line the glass with maple syrup. Blend the Baileys Pumpkin Spice and vanilla ice cream until it's a creamy texture and pour into the glass. Add a generous dollop of caramel sauce. Whip the double cream and mix in crushed wafer sprinkles. Using the cream as a cushion, place the pumpkin pie on top. Serve immediately and devour.

The Darker Storm

3. THE DARKER STORM Recipe by Adam Rawson

Ingredients: 50ml Captain Morgan Black 20ml lime juice 10ml caramel syrup Few drops of squid ink Topped with ginger beer Splash of bitters

Method: Combine Captain Morgan Original with the caramel syrup, lime juice, ginger beer and bitters. Add a dash of squid ink and garnish with a ‘bloody’ wedge of lime.


4. SCREAMS OF WHISKEY Recipe by The Pogues

Ingredients: 25ml The Pogues Irish Whiskey 25ml Navy Rum 25ml freshly squeezed orange juice 15ml fresh lemon juice 15ml fresh lime juice 15ml agave syrup Quarter red bird’s eye chilli

Method: Mix the ingredients together and shake well. Garnish with orange, a mint sprig and chilli and serve in a pewter tankard.


5. LA CALAVERA MIGOS Recipe by Peyotito

Ingredients: 50ml Casamigos tequila infused BlackBerry 15ml Velvet Farlernum 2 lime wedges squeezed and dropped 2 spoons of BlackBerry paste 2 dashes of Angostura bitter Ginger beer

Method: Shake all of the ingredients together and top up with ginger beer. Serve with blackberries and lime wedges. Alternatively, if you don't want to make it at home the Peyolito Day of the Dead cocktail will be available at both Peyote & Peyotito from 31st October – 2nd November.


6. PUMPKIN RAMOS Recipe by the Blackbird

Ingredients: A soda siphon 50ml Jack Daniels/Tennessee Bourbon 20ml Spiced pumpkin syrup 30ml almond milk 20ml cream 15ml fresh orange juice 5ml lemon juice 10ml water 1 egg white

Method: Combine all the ingredients in soda siphon. Seal and charge with gas. Shake well and dispense into cooled glass/ metal tumbler.

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