Chocolate and Mauritian tea duo with cardamom sorbet

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  • Two of the tastiest treats - chocolate and tea - combine to make this year-round dessert

    For the biscuit:

    • 50g egg white

    • 30g egg yolk

    • 50g sugar

    • 15g cocoa

    For the chocolate mousse:

    • 50g egg yolks

    • 25g eggs

    • 40g sugar

    • 25g water

    • 170g cream

    • 130g pure Caribbean chocolate

    For the tea-flavoured “crème brûlée”:

    • 250g cream

    • 2 egg yolks

    • 5g vanilla tea

    • 2g gelatin

    For the cocoa biscuit:

    • 50g butter

    • 25g glucose

    • 25g milk

    • 60g ground cocoa bean

    • 1g pectin

    • 60g sugar

    For the green cardamom sorbet:

    • 100g milk

    • 100g cream

    • 30g sugar

    • 1g pectin

    • 2g cardamom

    1) To make the biscuit: beat egg white until it becomes a meringue, tighten it with sugar, add yolks, sieved cocoa, mix. Spread on greaseproof paper, cook for 10 minutes at 180°c.

    2) To make the chocolate mousse: blanch yolks with sugar, heat in a bain-marie, beat until completely cool. Melt chocolate with water. Beat cream until thick. Add both mixtures to the first one.

    3) To make the tea flavoured ‘crème brûlée’: bring cream to boil, let the tea brew in it. Quibble, boil again, mix with yolk.

    Add soft gelatin. Mould.

    4) To make the cocoa biscuit: boil milk, butter and glucose. Add sugar and pectin, cook at 106°c, add ground cocoa bean, cool down, spread and cook at 170°c. Cut it and give it the shape that you want.

    5) To make the green cardamom sorbet: bring cream and milk to boil. Mix sugar with pectin, add it at 80°c. Grind cardamom, add it and leave to brew for 30min.

    6) On a serving plate, layer each pudding on top of each other to resemble the display photo.

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